Friday, July 4, 2014

Day 6 and going home

On the last day we were told that we had to be out of the apartment by 11am.  We could leave our bags with our landlord till we were picked up for the airport, so that is what we did.
We all got ready and went to breakfast at Jamaica for the last time, then we dropped off the bags so we could sightsee a little more before we had to leave.
This was in the window of the swarowski store that we weren't allowed to take a picture of.
We ended up getting the rest of the souvenirs that we needed and just walking around, but it was really hot on the last day so it wasn't as nice as it had been.
We went out to lunch for the last time, to get Arabian food which is not my favorite, but the place we went to was beautiful. That made up for the fact that I ate an appetizer because that is all I could find that I would like. I'm weird like that I know.

After we picked up our bags we waited for the cab to pick us up and take us to the airport; it ended up being only 10 euros per person so that was worth it to us.
When we got to the airport and got on the plane and even had our snack food picked out, we were told that we had to get back off the plane because it was broke. Nice -- when I told my kids to let Christopher know, Enya just left him a note telling him that my plane was broke and Mom doesn't know when she will get back.
After we got on the next plane after a two hour delay, we were starving again....

We got home around midnight, which made it a long day, but it was totally worth it. 

What I learned from this trip:
I really liked all the architecture in Barcelona and there were several things that I did not get to see while there, so I will definitely go back.  I think the next time I will have a place maybe in Sitges or not so close to downtown, because I did not sleep well at all and that is just a no go for me.
I was pleasantly surprised at how affordable everything was from food to taxi; everything was a lot less than in Germany.
It was a wonderful trip, where I had a lot of fun. As friends we became closer -- you can't share one bathroom for 5 days without knowing everything about the other person, even some things you didn't need to know.
I can't wait till next year for our next girl trip.
Bye bye Barcelona

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