Thursday, July 3, 2014

Day 5

Because we partied like rockstars not really we're just old the night before, we decided to take it easy and just go to the city beach and hang out all day. This time I refused to put on sunscreen till I was there. I didn't schlepp that silly ass umbrella with us so I wouldn't jinx the trip this time even though we only had to walk.
We got there around 12 because we couldn't get out of bed earlier than that and some of us were still a little tore up from the night before.

 Nope, I did not act like a grownup once while I was on that beach.

So one of the things that I have to say about this beach is that it is not the nicest one I have ever been to, but it will do in a pinch. It's very dusty and there is a drop off into the water so you can't really walk in gradually. What I did like is that there is constantly someone walking around with ice cold mojitos and sangria. 
We ended up staying at the beach almost 6 hours just people watching and one of the things I noticed were a bunch of tweens always traveling in a pair and stopping on everyones blanket to ask them where they were from and if they wanted to party. I guess they were selling booze cruise tickets and t-shirts but, of course, we played it out in our head thinking that they belong to a sect and they are living together in a commune where they have to plant their own food and they have children with each other.
I tried to be stealthy while being a busybody, but Babette caught me and made fun of me even though that didn't stop her from asking what I had found out while eavesdropping. Whatever it is that they are involved in, I bet it's illegal because everything else would be boring.
After 6 hours of laying under our umbrellas that we rented for 6 euros for the whole day, we got dressed we took a cab back into town to watch the soccer game at the Irish pub.


I decided that because I wasn't in Germany I would root for USA, but let me tell you, that game was hard to watch and I am not surprised that Germany won. I'm just surprised that USA didn't give them the goal themselves.

Highlights of the day:
Doing absolutely nothing all day, which was nice.
Ice cold drinks on the beach
Getting a little sun

The next day we had to leave the house at 10:30 but we did shop again.

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