Monday, June 2, 2014

Weekend Fun

Mia walked a dog for the first time and after, that no one was allowed to hold the leash except for her. She tried to pick up this little butter-ball, which was not happening.
Instead of taking down the curtains to shorten them, I left them hanging and used my ironing board as a makeshift sewing table; it worked.
Her daddy left for a couple days to go on a trip with the guys; she sure was happy when he came home.
My friend came and stayed the night on Saturday and we talked and laughed and ate a bunch of bad stuff; it was awesome!
Can we just take a moment to look at how my kid goes to the smelly animal park -- in sequins, like a diva.
This is a huge slide that you put spare change in as a donation. Every time we come to the park, we throw money in and stare at it, completely mesmerized.
By the way that t-shirt is an upcoming diy that I just need to tweak it a little before posting. 
This kid is a trip! She loves to wear nightgowns and as soon as she comes home, the first thing she does is strip and put on a nightie. 
You can't see it but she is wearing fairy wings while she mops; I think she has watched one Disney movie too many.
I had a great, relaxing weekend during which I ate too much, moved too little, and laughed a lot. 

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