Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Swimming on a Hot Day

Like I mentioned yesterday, it was going to be hotter than six shades of hell today, and it was! So we decided to go swimming early and it was a good thing we did because there was a line all the way down the street; they eventually stopped letting people in because it was so full. 
It's amazing how much crap people bring to the public lake; you would think they are staying a whole week. 

Mia had so much fun in the water she didn't want to get out. We had to force her after her lips turned blue and her diaper weighed 20 pounds. She is so fair that we had to put protection on her twice, but she doesn't mind and usually helps me by putting it on me at the same time. 

Poor baby was yawning like crazy but she couldn't sleep in this heat so she stayed awake until 8:00 before she finally passed out.
The rest of the day was boring, which is nice; the only exciting thing was that I ate worms that were festering in a spaghetti sauce I had just made this morning. It disgusting and made me want to throw up.
Now I'm afraid I will get herpes because on occasion I do get it whenever I am extremely grossed out.
Tomorrow will be hot again but I have stuff to do at home so I don't know if I will have time to go to the pool with Princess Petunia.
This week will be very busy but fun with family coming from Italy and my getting ready for Barcelona and just the everyday craziness that I have anyway. 
Talk tomorrow.

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