Saturday, June 21, 2014

Strandbad Mannheim

The Strandbad in Mannheim is a place where you can camp, barbecue, swim, lay around half naked (which several people do no matter how they look), and just hang out all day. It has been around for a long time and is used by so many different kinds of people for different things. Yesterday, half the people there were barbecuing some kind of meat on the 50 grills that were set up, there was a wedding, and also about 600 kids running around.

Skipping rocks, or in Mia's case just winging them in the water, is great and kept both girls busy for a long time.
The first thing Mia did when she saw the water was take off her shoes and dress and get in the water, which was ice cold but she doesn't care.

It doesn't matter where we live -- I swear this kid has her redneck roots on full display; she won't wear shoes and she loves to walk around butt-ass naked.

 Mia likes to step on nasty stuff like dirt, melted ice cream and gum.
There is a pizza place there where you serve yourself. The prices are low and the food is really good and comes quick and that's the way I like it. I tried to to find the name of it but I don't think it has one; you just walk past the nice place and keep going until you see a house that has no matching chairs or tables and you can seat yourself. They come out and yell your order whenever it's ready and you go get it. I like that.

Whenever the boats came by, there would be waves, and the kids tried to jump over them in their dresses.
It's nothing special but it's a nice place to go and just watch the ships pass by and wonder where they are going. 
Ok, now to the blooper shots because life ain't always pretty pictures.

I think I was saying how good the ice cream was; this is what a greedy girl looks like eating dark chocolate ice cream that looks like poop.
I have it all over my face and Christopher didn't tell me.

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Tooooo cute to die for! I love the little Mia shoes ! CU soon xoxoxo

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