Sunday, June 8, 2014

Open Air Seeed

I love Music and when the opportunity arose to see "Seeed" live in Bensheim, I totally took advantage of it, even though I hate porta potties and a bunch of drunk woman who think they can dance.
That is the crowd you end up with at festivals;  you listen to hours of crappy bands waiting for the headliner to show up and drink because it's hot as hell out.

Around this time, people start acting a fool and thinking they can dance even though they are pretty much dancing to a song nobody else can hear; they twirl around like an effing pinata, but it does make for some laughs since I was definitely making fun of these people.

It was a great concert. I just wish it would have started about 3 hours earlier, but you just go with the flow and still have a good time.

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