Thursday, June 5, 2014

Hanging out at the Playground

Everyday I try to get out of the house with Mia so she can run off some of that energy that she has, but because Mia is a homebody like her mom, we usually don't stay longer than an hour. After that, she is ready to go home and put on her nightgown.
Right after I took this picture, Mia face planted in the sand, and because I was taking pictures of her and didn't catch her, she ended up having a mouth full of sand.
She is fascinated by planes and helicopters and she can spot one way before I can; it's amazing -- I think she is part bird.

Even though she looks like she is posing, she is actually shaking sand out of her hair after she dumped a bowl full on her head.
Mia likes to climb everything like a little monkey; I should follow but I don't because I am that parent.
This cat comes to the playground every day and lets all the kids pet her, but Mia always wants to pick her up and then she starts to wag her tail and I tell Mia to leave her alone.
Today we took the bike to the playground. I think we managed pretty well even though Mia would rather sit in the front. She had fun sticking her hands up my shirt as I was riding.
There is a big, outdoor area here at this playground, where every weekend in the summer there is a different club that uses the facilities to raise money by barbecuing and selling softdrinks, wine and beer, cake and sometimes fish sandwiches.
Well, yesterday someone thought it would be a good idea to burn it to the ground.
Some people just don't know how to behave.


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