Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Family came to town

When Germans go on a trip, they usually try to go for at least a week because anything under 5 days is not  considered a vacation, but when Fili & Bre came to visit from Italy, it was 3 days jam-packed with food, poop stories and funny faces.
Friday morning we started out with German breakfast and then headed out to the Mall, because, I guess the Italians only have clothes in size mini small and Fili can't find pants that fit his legs.
In three days we managed to eat Schnitzel, Currywurst, Brötchen aka pretzel bread, Pfannenkuchen and Spargel, Döner, Pfälzer teller and a chocolate mousse dessert. I think we covered a couple of things those two had never tried and, of course, we had beer, Radler and Wine.
Frriday, we learned that:
* There can never be enough bathrooms when Fili is around
* He can eat for 4
* Bre likes clothes that are 3 sizes too big
* I need to burn all my bras
*Fili does not have a problem being goofy in public, which killed me 
* They thought the little footies that you wear in the store when you try on shoes were hilarious and stupid

The first night we went to eat at place that we go to quite a bit in the summer, but when we got there, it was packed to the max because they had public viewing for the Brazil/Holland World Cup soccer game. It didn't matter because these two are easy going and aside from pouring prosecco all over herself, Bre behaved herself.
Saturday, we went downtown Mannheim to go shopping and ended up having a 7 hour shopping trip that left us worn out but excited about our findings. But,  Bre couldn't find the perfect sandals even though we looked at about 7000 pairs of shoes, and I was so sure we would find some.

What we learned Saturday:
* Fili has huge legs and 90% of European pants do not fit, which doesn't stop him from trying them on until we did finally find the perfect pants.
* Bre will stand in front of the dressing room holding up the curtain so nobody can see her man's assets. even though Flli would change in front everyone and wouldn't give a damn
* It's a good thing we walked for hours after what we ate at Starbucks

Sunday was spent at the Luisenpark. It was one of the places I was most excited to show them because it's a  special place for our family; now Fili & Bre have seen it, too. 



After the park, we went for coffee and cake at the TV tower.


We stayed up till late the last night and talked about everything and anything because we didn't want the trip to end. But, all good things must come to an end and Monday morning they were picked up at the ass-crack of dawn and went back to Italy -- we are planning a trip there in September.
Now, as mentioned, the funny faces that were made this weekend that I will call the blooper shots . . .


It was a wonderful trip that is screaming repeat!!!!
Thanks for hanging in there for the 1000 pictures.

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