Friday, June 13, 2014

DIY Chalkboard

I know that DIY Chalkboard paint is all over Pinterest, but this paint is made with scouring powder instead of cement, which makes it different.
I have been wanting a chalkboard to write our meals on for a while, because I have been writing them on paper and sticking it to the fridge, so my kids don't ask me everyday what we are having.
I picked up this mirror for 12 Euros and the scouring powder for about 3 euros.  I still had the paint from the bathroom makeover that I did. 
What I did was pour paint in the pan, added the powder and stirred until it was thick and pasty. Then I just started painting the mirror with a paintbrush.
I didn't prime it first. I just painted a really thick layer and let it dry, which took about 3 hours. You should probably let it dry till the next day.
I sanded the first layer because it was really gritty, which doesn't make for smooth writing, and I painted the next layer on top and let that dry for at least 3 hours and sanded it again. 

It was a quick project that didn't cost me much, and if you have something you can paint over instead of going out and buying something, it will be even cheaper. 
I have wiped it down several times with a wet rag and aside from the chalk, nothing has come off in terms of paint or the powder so I would say it was a success.
Now I just need to hang it up, but that might take longer than the project itself.
Give it a try and tell me how it went.  

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