Sunday, June 8, 2014


We are experiencing an absolute heatwave here in Germany right now. The only sensible thing to do is to either try and move as little as possible, or get out of the house and go swimming or go bike riding in the cool woods and get ice cream. We chose to do the latter and aside from 10,000 gnats hitting me in the face it, was awesome.


Because I am such a badass and I am not afraid of road rash, I took all of these pictures while riding. It was a recipe for disaster but I didn't crash, so I am confident that I am a total Evel even though I'm afraid to ride without hands.
Riding around with my napkin; I didn't take my Purse

Mia loves to ride the bike but she gets bitchy if you try to steer.

Enya is riding a bike that is way to small for her, but she didn't want a new bike for a long time because she said she can slow down by sticking her feet on the ground. She rides like a maniac and we can't really let her go out by herself because she goes head-on into traffic. #shedoesn'tknowwhatthellsheisdoing

My father-in law asked me how I was able to ride in a dress but its a really stretchy dress and I manage without showing anyone my lady parts.
Tomorrow will be 93F here and when you don't have air conditioning; it's a total bear so we will be going swimming early in the morning and then barricading ourselves the rest of the day in the house.
If you live in Germany, good luck keeping cool tomorrow.

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