Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Barcelona Day 3

Day 3 started out a total disaster because we didn't inform ourselves well enough before we left the house about where we wanted to go and how we would get there. We went directly to the Tourist center and asked the twat at the desk how to get to Sitges and she told us a totally wrong direction;  we ended up walking for almost an hour before we realized that we were wrong. that's what happens when you are blabbing the whole time
We finally decided to take the metro because, walking back that far was so not happening, so we bought 10 tickets for 10 euros and rode back to Placa Catalunya.

As you can see, we had no idea what the hell we were doing and it didn't help that by this time, we had been walking around Barcelona for over an hour with a six pack of beer, an umbrella and sticky suntan lotion all over our bodies.
We finally got back to where we needed to go and got on the train and promptly went in the wrong direction again! But we noticed it after one stop so we got off and went back; but now we were on the wrong side of the tracks, so we ran like a bunch of crazy people -- umbrella and bags flying everywhere -- and in the midst of all this madness, Babette's bag broke so at this point she was ready to kick a puppy.
By the time this picture was taken, I had been standing in the train for 40 minutes and the damn mariachi band had been playing annoying songs that made me want to lose it. This trip took 2 1/2 hours and was only supposed to take 30 minutes.
After we got out the train and started walking towards the beach, it started to rain.
Everybody was hungry so we looked for a place to eat because, as you know, when women get hungry they also get homicidal; we found a little place at the beach that served tapas and burgers.

It started to storm and we had to head inside of this little place and wait for the apocalypse to stop before we could go outside. At this point I am not very happy, but I'm trying not to be a miserable bitch so I just sat there and kept quiet.

It stopped raining and we went outside where it was cold, but we couldn't stay in the tapas bar anymore because we had been there for a while and we wanted to at least sight-see. 
We went walking and window shopping and realized that the stores wouldn't open for another hour so we decided to find a place to sit and have a drink.
And that is when everything got better. 


Thanks to two bottles of Montepulciano, we were happy again and ready to head out to shop.
The only thing that I really wanted were some Espadrillo shoes for me and the girls at home so that was my mission, but on the way there Daniela and I found a massage studio that offered fish pedicures and because it was really inexpensive we decided to give it a go.

The idea behind these fish is that they are supposed to nibble off dead skin and then go to the pressure points, where you might have health issues, kind of like acupuncture.
At first, I didn't want to stick my feet in there but I sucked it up and it was so different and neat that I am glad that I did it. The fish nibbled so fast that it felt like my feet were vibrating. Every once in a while I would look down and want to pull my feet out real fast but I kept them in for the full 20 minutes, which cost us 15 euros. 
While we were serving lunch to the fish, the sun came out and we could go to the Beach after all. 

I did buy my handmade Espadrillos though they were 9 euro a pair.
At the beach, we decided to take some fun photos; some of them turned out better than others and some were just weird, but we had fun and kept the whole beach entertained with our stupidness or awesomness.
I love how Ardita looks all sexy and I look like a nutbag in the background. She didn't know I was doing that so she was posing like a pro while I strutted my stuff; I also look like a tuna fish -- all white. Are Tuna fish white?
Anyway, after the beach and the wine and the shopping we were tired so we headed back to our place. We made our own food, which consisted of cold cuts and Dr. pepper and in true Catalonia style, we didn't eat till 10:30pm.
Highlights of the Day

Buying the awesome beach blankets that Ardita got us for 15 euros a piece

Having the Fish Pedicure

Taking pictures with a huge Betty Boop that was outside a Supper Club called Queenz; it has an "all 
Transvestite Dinner Show" that I really wanted to see.
Having Ardita loan everyone 50 Euros because nobody brought enough money; we thought we would be swimming all day and wouldn't need much.

Buying handmade espadrillos that reminded me of when I was little and got a pair in Italy; now I bought them for my kids.

The next day we had our Rumba and Sardine night, which was AHmazing with a capital A. 

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