Monday, June 2, 2014

Baby Clothes Pillow

I have been holding onto baby shirts for a while now because I just couldn't part with them. I knew that I would not be having another baby so I needed to make something else with them, and I decided on a pillow case for a throw pillow.
I used 2 shirts for this project and a piece of scrap jersey that I had laying around. The front has a little hippo on it that I reverse appliqu├ęd, which is the easiest thing to do if you don't want to use fusible interfacing. Plus, this way it stays as soft as possible.
I loved this little shirt and just couldn't part with it. Look at that little face (the kid not the shirt).

This pillow is really soft and squishy so it doesn't hold it's shape very well, but it's just right for a toddler bed.
The grey fabric that I used was a size 6 so it didn't have a lot of fabric. I needed a bigger piece for the hippo so I used the back for the middle piece and the front for the side pieces.

This is a slipcover pillow so you don't need a zipper and you can take it off and wash it whenever you need to. The back fabric is a really soft jersey and so comfy.
I found a really great tutorial for this kind of pillow so if you want to sew one for yourself, check it out on Made
Mia loves her pillow and I am really happy that she gets so much use out of it. Even better, Even better, I didn't have to throw or give away her baby shirts.
I think that I might even consider making a t-shirt quilt someday; I just have to find the time.

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