Monday, June 30, 2014

Barcelona day 2

We started out the day having breakfast down the street from our apartment because none of us could really function without coffee and we were hungry. We decided at our first meal that we would just split the check 5 ways every time to save us the hassle of figuring out what everybody's share was and it worked out perfectly. 

Breakfast was never an expensive affair; it usually came to around 5-8 euros a person, depending on how hungry we were.
We decided to go walking around and just check out where all the shops were, but we ended up having a huge shopping day and getting most of the stuff that we wanted, including my chanel lipstick that I waited to buy till I could go to Sephora.

I'm wearing Rouge Allure long lasting lipstick in #99 Pirate

We don't have Sephora in Germany, so this was a huge treat and I think it's where I bought the most.
We ended up eating lunch in a little place on the Ramblas, which wasn't expensive at all; it ended up being like 8 -11 euros for a meal with a drink.
I think we ended up shopping for about 6 hours that day on 3 hours of sleep but we couldn't go to bed because we still had the St. Joan's festival that night.
We went home and showered and got ready to go downtown. You can read about that here: St Joan Feast
First, we wanted to have Tapas which is something we talked about for weeks before we got there; so, we took off and looked for the perfect place. 


We ended up going to a place by the beach called "Lolitas" that served Mojito in a pitcher and had pretty good tapas. We ordered almost everything on the menu that they had and gorged ourselves.

While we were heading to the beach for the festivities, I found this little store that had a neat T-shirt that I wanted to get Joshua. I bought it and took some goofy pictures with the funky mannequins outside while we were at it. 

We finally headed to the beach. It was really packed at this point and people were throwing firecrackers all over the place, which is scary, but we went through it and found a place in the sand where we could watch the nutbags party on the beach.


While I was taking pictures of everything, I missed the fireworks display, but "whatever"; I didn't care. It started to get crazy and we didn't know where to walk anymore without getting hit by a firecracker so we headed back to the apartment around midnight and went straight to bed. 
The next morning we had plans to go to a beach in Sitges. It started out as a total disaster and ended up being the best day, thanks to two bottles of wine.....

Highlights of the day

Dani wanting to take a picture of the people on the beach and walking up to a table full of strangers and taking a picture of them. 
Finding the squishy rings that blink that I gave to the kids when we got back.
Starbucks is way cheaper in Barcelona than in Germany
Watching Dani haggle for a blanket that we then sat on the rest of the night, she told him her price and than walked away until he followed her. 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Barcelona Day 1

I had kids pretty early and never got to go on a trip with just girlfriends. To be honest, I didn't know what to expect with being in an apartment with 4 woman and hanging out 24/7 with them. With very little, to no hiccups, we survived it and I would definitely do it again. The days before leaving were spent doing laundry and packing.  My suitcase was way too big, but because I was planning on shopping, I wanted to make sure that I would have enough room for everything when I returned. When I left Germany, my suitcase weighed 20 kilos and my carry-on was empty. I ended up wearing 2 pairs of the 4 pairs of shoes I took and every outfit except for 1, so I think I packed pretty well.  There were some things that were completely unnecessary, like the tripod that I never used. One problem I didn't need was to find out my suitcase was broken; I didn't find this out until it was packed and I was "lugging" it to the car, so I tried to fix it at the airport with the help of the bus driver.
I'm trying to explain to him what is wrong with it; his solution was to tell me to sit on it while he yanked on the handle. It didn't work and I ended up walking for 2 miles with it banging me in the back of the legs. 
One of the big differences between Germans and Americans is the air conditioning -- the Germans can't handle it;  as soon as it starts blowing they get a stiff neck, which is what happened to my friend (who is still smiling in this picture but later wanted to die because she took a pain pill and it made her sick.)
Poor thing tried to sleep but when you are a six foot, leggy blonde trying to sleep in an airplane seat, it is a real pain in the ass. 
The flight was short and we were busy stuffing our face with expensive snack food and really nasty tasting fizzy wine. 
When we got off the plane we picked up our luggage and walked straight to the bus stop that was right outside the airport door. We took an Aerobus to the Pla├ža Catalunya, which is what most people do because it's only 5,90 one way and it runs every ten minutes. We decided to take a cab to the apartment because it was almost midnight and my suitcase was broke, but after we finally got a taxi that would take all five of us and he got all of our luggage in the car, he made fun of us because we were only about 3 minutes from our place.
We rented this apartment because it was in the heart of Barcelona; we were excited that we'd have short distances to walk to everything. What we didn't expect was that it was in a town that never sleeps and it would be almost impossible to get a good night's rest.
Because I am afraid of heights, I had to take this picture while holding on to the door frame like a weirdo, but I think you can tell how far up it is.
I left the doors and the curtains open because I needed air, but I am sure more than one person saw me in my underwear. 
 This is what it looks like when 5 woman are living together.  It's not pretty.
We were hungry after we finally got settled but by then it was 1 am and the restaurants were all closed. So, we went to the 24hr supermercat and bought a bunch of junk food and stuffed our faces with doritos and ramen noodles. 
We didn't get to bed till almost 3am and fell in to bed completely exhausted, only to be woken up 3 hours later because it was so damn loud. 
We woke up completely destroyed but we still all got ready and went out for Breakfast, eager to discover Barcelona.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Strandbad Mannheim

The Strandbad in Mannheim is a place where you can camp, barbecue, swim, lay around half naked (which several people do no matter how they look), and just hang out all day. It has been around for a long time and is used by so many different kinds of people for different things. Yesterday, half the people there were barbecuing some kind of meat on the 50 grills that were set up, there was a wedding, and also about 600 kids running around.

Skipping rocks, or in Mia's case just winging them in the water, is great and kept both girls busy for a long time.
The first thing Mia did when she saw the water was take off her shoes and dress and get in the water, which was ice cold but she doesn't care.

It doesn't matter where we live -- I swear this kid has her redneck roots on full display; she won't wear shoes and she loves to walk around butt-ass naked.

 Mia likes to step on nasty stuff like dirt, melted ice cream and gum.
There is a pizza place there where you serve yourself. The prices are low and the food is really good and comes quick and that's the way I like it. I tried to to find the name of it but I don't think it has one; you just walk past the nice place and keep going until you see a house that has no matching chairs or tables and you can seat yourself. They come out and yell your order whenever it's ready and you go get it. I like that.

Whenever the boats came by, there would be waves, and the kids tried to jump over them in their dresses.
It's nothing special but it's a nice place to go and just watch the ships pass by and wonder where they are going. 
Ok, now to the blooper shots because life ain't always pretty pictures.

I think I was saying how good the ice cream was; this is what a greedy girl looks like eating dark chocolate ice cream that looks like poop.
I have it all over my face and Christopher didn't tell me.