Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Ten Awesome Things

1) I got a great date for my getaway this summer with the girls, which was not easy to do considering I will be gone three weeks; I even got my train tickets already! I will be on the train for close to 8 hours but you can't have it all, and at least I don't have to drive. The people who will most likely hate me after that train ride will never be seen again.

2) I made a to-do list for the whole week and I am already halfway through today. The big stuff, like painting two nightstands, is still on the list because I saved the big stuff for last. Plus, I couldn't decide on a color.

3) I started yoga, just 20 minutes of body toning. Unfortunately, Mia shit on the rug after she had a big summer blowout in her diaper, and even though I cleaned the rug, I didn't get it all and that was where my face was during cobra.

4) I bought a white rose to plant in my garden because it reminds me of my dad. I planted it today; looks perfect!

5) After the stressful weekend I had we managed to end it on a good note by going to the Saline and watching the girls play in the water.

Mia looks like she is wearing Booty shorts; I think they shrunk.

6) I am reading a new series by Julie Kenner about a Soccer/Demon/Hunter Mom. It's pretty funny. I am on Book 5 of 6 and I think it's worth the read. The books are about 300-400 pages and are about 3.99 on Amazon. 
If you go now, you even get the first book free for Kindle.

7) I am looking forward to June; I have so many cool things happening:
family visit
Teen Wolf starts up
Of course, that also means I have about 4 weeks to get ready to show my pasty body in a sundress, but if the sun comes back any day, I can get busy getting a little bit unpasty again.
It's not quite that bad but you get the idea.

8) I have been sleeping pretty well lately, with the window open at night; it is just right -- not too cold and not too hot.
We did hear a cat kill something the other night. That woke up the whole house and disturbed us all because whatever it was, it fought for it's life and lost. I woke up from a dead sleep, which means I was a little confused and told Christopher I would dump water on the cat even though I had no idea where it was. Plus, I was naked so that would have been scary.

9) I found a really cute pair of sandals for 20 euros and they are comfy and stylish.
They make my feet pretty.

10) My mom is in the states right now and I hope she brings me back a pair of white Chuck Taylors to replace the ones I ruined. I think I will dye the ones I destroyed a neon color. 

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