Friday, May 9, 2014

Ten awesome things

1) Starting to work out again by doing level 1 of the 30 day shred, almost dying while doing it and praying it's almost over after 4 pushups

2) Going to the horse races and getting plowed after two drinks, getting a sunburn on your scalp and going to bed at 7:30pm -- but winning 11,50 Euros
3) Know you are getting a graduation announcment from your nephew with great pictures but having your brother ask you how to spell your name

4) Ordering sunglasses and waiting for them for 6 weeks only for the customs office to destroy them because they are fakes

5) Going to visit family in the black forest and taking an awesome walk up to the castle and hangin' out with family then . . . .

realizing that your favorite blouse makes you look like you are wearing a mumu

6) Going to your best friend's house to sew after what feels like forever and being really proud of said dress only for your husband to tell you that you look like Gaylord Fockers Mom

I need to work on my selfies face, and no, the dress isn't finished yet.

7) Kind of potty training your child only for her to poop her pants and you get to go on a manhunt for turds; the upside to this story is that she didn't like the feeling of it so maybe she will be trained soon

8) Being awake half the night with your kid because she has something or other going on and you are whooped the next day, but then she takes a nap and you get to watch her sweet little face sleeping peacefully

9) Eating a clean diet even your kids like and losing the weight you gained while on vacation. 
You will probably gain it again because you are like a wild animal around cake. 

10) All my shows are ending for the summer (thank God); I can finally get some shit done!
(At least till the summer shows start). Let's just hope no shows gets as *uck** up as HIMYM -- I am still recovering from that. 

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