Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sick kids

When you have little kids and they get sick, you always wish you could take their pain away. Even though they're sick, you are grateful that they are cuddly and you take advantage of the fact that they can't run away from your mothering the crap out of them, but when your kids are bigger and they get sick you don't get that luxury. You just get to sit there and hope they don't mind you holding their hand.
Even when they are bigger than you and look like a man, you still want them to crawl in your lap so you can make them feel better, but that's not gonna happen -- so instead, I drove to McDonald's twice and bought him everything he wanted so he could pig out and I could feel better.

While I was sitting in the emergency room with Joshua, I saw a mom come in with her son, who was in really bad shape,. and she was having a hard time getting him the care that he needed. I all I could think was that was going to be me in a couple of years.

When you have boys you go to the emergency room often and sometimes it's Mother's Day and you want to smack them for picking that day to go flying off their bike, and sometimes it's at a birthday party when they decide to saw halfway through their finger even though you told them several times to stay away from the bread cutting machine.  The point is, you are in this exact situation several times in your life.

You are sitting in the emergency room somewhere after you shlepped your kid to the car and you spend hours sitting there telling them everything will be OK and that you will go home soon. Then they make your child stay overnight and you can't do anything about it. Today was that day and it scared the shit out of me. 

Joshua called me late at night and told me he felt bad but that he was staying at his friend's house and would call me in the morning to tell me how he was feeling.  When he woke up this morning he felt worse, and I told him I would get him and take him to the hospital.
Long story short, he had to stay the night and have tests and blood work done and now we know it was nothing serious, but he does need to take it easy the next couple of days.
He is back home now and resting in his bed, where I can hear him and check on him every 5 minutes. Life is good.

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