Monday, May 19, 2014

My favorite songs till now

I love music I have said it again and again I like to learn about new artists and keep up with different kinds of Genres and to say my taste in tunes is eclectic is the understatement of the century but there are a few songs that I always turn up when I hear them and I sing along.

1.) Phil Collins: Against all Odds
I love this song I love the album it was on and he was one of my favorite artists till he only made shitty Disney songs

2.) Elton John: Tiny Dancer
Ditto on the shitty Disney music

3.) Reba Macentire: Fancy
It's a song about a prostitute but a charming one

4.) Mister Mister: Broken Wings
I think I really like this because it was the first music video I saw that my brother had video taped from MTV it always reminds me of that, and its a good song

5.) NKOTB: Please don't go girl
Sappy gooey goodness from my teenage years that I remember, also that I caught a girls arm hair on fire at a NKOTB concert. Ah the memories

6.) U2: With Or Without You
1997 open air Solider field, Chicago one of the greatest moments in my life

7.) Lita Ford & Ozzy Osbourne: If I close my eyes forever
Awesome ballad, makes me want to roll around on the floor on leather pants

8.) Tears for Fears feat. Oleta Adams: Woman in chains
 Very few songs can top this

9.) Kate Bush: This woman's work
Beautiful Voice with wonderful Lyrics

10.) Womak & Womak: Teardrops
I always turn this way up

11,) Jamiroquai: Little L
Best cruising music

12.) Paula Abdul : Straight up
I know her voice is tinny and weak but when this song came out I almost killed myself dancing to it in my room. I'm not kidding, I kicked my leg up so high I knocked the other one from under me and slammed into the floor knocking myself out.

So what are your favorites?

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Simon Biereth said...

So thats mine with no particular order:

Michael Jackson - Beat it

Metallica - For whom the bells tolls

Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Scar Tissue

Eminem - My name is

Metallica - Enter Sandmann

Missy Elliott - Wake up (Sickest beat eva eva eva!)

Die Ärzte - Zu spät

Absolute Beginner - Füchse

Jamiroquai - Virtual Insanity

Theophilus London - Wine and Chocolates

There are more, but they won't appear in ma mind now

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