Thursday, May 22, 2014

Hanging in the Park

This week we decided for our Ladies night to go hang out at the Water tower in Downtown Mannheim, I know it makes us sound like a bunch of Hoodlums but it is really beautiful there and I wanted to practice a little with my camera. Of course we acted like a bunch of teenagers and had people watching us but we had fun and took hilarious pictures.

We went to Dean & David and picked up Salad and Thai food and some Beer from Japan and headed down to the Park. Everywhere you look you see people eating outside or reading some even use the park to sleep that would be a homeless person

After we had eaten someone I don't remember who it was got the bright idea to take action shots so these three crazy chicks decided to jump around and I played the paparazzi, at one point we even had applause which was creepy and hysterical at the same time. 

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