Saturday, September 6, 2014

A Day in the Life

I found a cool idea on a website called Jones Design Company  where she took a picture every hour to document her day. It looked like a cool idea so I did that today, and while my day was super busy it now looks like the last 3 hours I have done nothing but sit on my ass.
6:00am I was tired.
7:00am The kids left for school.
8:00am Mia was watching cartoons while I made our breakfast, which was scrambled eggs.
9:00am I'm dressed and even have makeup on.

10:00am I am at the hardware store getting stuff to paint the nightstands; they've been my project for a while. 
11:00am Still running around at the grocery store and pharmacy but Mia has animal crackers so she is happy.
12:00pm Putting away all the stuff I bought.
1:00pm Starting lunch, which is a pain, because I am making two separate meals again in hopes of getting better at eating clean. I made Gnocchi Alfredo that smelled so good I licked one of Mia's Gnocchi but I didn't eat it!
2:00pm We sat down to eat.
3:00pm Joshua and I cleaned the kitchen.
4:00pm I continued to sand the nightstands that I am hopefully painting this weekend.
5:00pm I decided to take the feet off so my FIL came over to help me with some tools and then helped me in the yard.
6:00pm Putting the bike seat for Mia on my bike; now she doesn't want to sit in it even though she ran around with her helmet on her head for an hour.
7:00pm I sat down with coffee and my ipad while Mia watched Barbie.
8:00pm I started to write this post but ended up quitting because I have stuff to do. 
9:00pm I finally took my makeup off and put my sweats on.

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