Thursday, May 29, 2014

Things I Learned

I learned that even though my kid didn't feel so great, he was still able to laugh at stupid stuff. He also told me he couldn't wait for things to get back to normal because I was being too nice and it was freaking him out.

I learned that if I ask my friends to enter a giveaway because I really want to win the Aussie Beach Bag that they will do it, then give a better answer than I give and actually win! Babette gave it to me early because I was having a really horrible day.  Yay me!

I learned that Princess Penelope loves anything with an engine that makes noise, and to think I wanted a boy! Instead, I got a frilly princess who likes things that roar.

I learned that if the directions say to drill three little holes in the bottom of the pot, I will instead do this:
nice crotch shot.

I learned that my kid, at two years old, has incredible fashion sense and will wear whatever she damn well wants to. Knee socks in dark blue with sandals will be the look in 2015.

I learned that I can't eat radishes even though I love them; they are in the same group as peppers, cabbage and zucchini.
Don't ask me why I can't eat them.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Neat and Tidy

I have noticed that when I am stressed about something my house has to be neat or I get even more stressed out. With three kids it's not that easy to keep neat and tidy; my two girls are the hardest to keep clean after and it doesn't help that they don't pick up after themselves without me telling them 20 times.
One of the major things that stresses me out are the little nests that I build all over my house whenever I am doing something.  I have to put it away in the middle of the craft or sewing project.
It builds and builds and I have no spare counter top or my stairs are full of stuff that needs to go downstairs or upstairs.

Instead of getting overwhelmed, I pick an area or room, set the timer for 10 minutes, and I stick with cleaning it. You would be amazed how much you can get done if you focus on one thing for ten minutes.
Of course, you can't deep clean anything in ten minutes but you can:

clean off the stairs
scrub the toilet and sink
fold a load of towels
wipe down the counters and wipe down the appliances
make your bed and pick up all the clothes on the floor

Once I get started, it gets me motivated to do more than I started out wanting to do and afterwards, I feel good about my house and myself so there is no downside.
I usually clean the whole house Friday or Saturday, which means mopping, vacuuming and cleaning all the bathrooms, but during the week I just pick up and keep it neat. I also try to do a load of laundry a day but I still get stuck with tons of laundry on the weekend; that is a given with this many people.

My kids also have chores. That helps me a lot during the week because I would be so much busier if they didn't do their part.
These 10 minutes are the only reason that, at any given time, I can open the door to unexpected guests and not be ashamed or feel the need to make excuses for the state of my home. Of course, I wouldn't recommend eating off the floor; I'm quick but I'm not a miracle worker.

From the bottom up

In Germany our weather is weird because one day it's rainy and nasty and the next day it's hot as balls, and you can't stand the idea of wearing closed shoes. I am here to tell you that if your feet have not been readied for open shoe season. Please do everyone a favor and keep your shoes on.
There is nothing more disgusting than seeing someone with parmesan heels and dainty little shoes.
I don't get my feet done regularly here because it's not as convenient as it is in the States, and I can keep them pretty nice on my own.
I do walk barefoot a lot and and it's hard to get my feet clean so before I go to bed, I usually use a pumice stone on them so I can get off any dry skin. The stone also takes care of the grass stains and whatever else turned my feet black after walking on them all day.

Pumice stones are really cheap so you should change them pretty often, because once they get smooth you can toss them and they do get nasty after a while.

Getting ready for Sandal Season
Pumice stone
Foot peeling
Nail polish

This is my favorite nail polish in the world. Not only does it cover well but the colors are gorgeous and the polishes are really affordable.

I like to put lotion on my feet when I am laying in bed because I don't like to slip and slide all over the floor and get hair and fuzzies stuck to my feet (Yuck).  I can put it on as thick as I want.
I am not usually too picky about what I put on my feet. I just use whatever moisturizer I have laying around, as long as my feet are smooth, and pretty and ready for some sandals.

Ten Awesome Things

1) I got a great date for my getaway this summer with the girls, which was not easy to do considering I will be gone three weeks; I even got my train tickets already! I will be on the train for close to 8 hours but you can't have it all, and at least I don't have to drive. The people who will most likely hate me after that train ride will never be seen again.

2) I made a to-do list for the whole week and I am already halfway through today. The big stuff, like painting two nightstands, is still on the list because I saved the big stuff for last. Plus, I couldn't decide on a color.

3) I started yoga, just 20 minutes of body toning. Unfortunately, Mia shit on the rug after she had a big summer blowout in her diaper, and even though I cleaned the rug, I didn't get it all and that was where my face was during cobra.

4) I bought a white rose to plant in my garden because it reminds me of my dad. I planted it today; looks perfect!

5) After the stressful weekend I had we managed to end it on a good note by going to the Saline and watching the girls play in the water.

Mia looks like she is wearing Booty shorts; I think they shrunk.

6) I am reading a new series by Julie Kenner about a Soccer/Demon/Hunter Mom. It's pretty funny. I am on Book 5 of 6 and I think it's worth the read. The books are about 300-400 pages and are about 3.99 on Amazon. 
If you go now, you even get the first book free for Kindle.

7) I am looking forward to June; I have so many cool things happening:
family visit
Teen Wolf starts up
Of course, that also means I have about 4 weeks to get ready to show my pasty body in a sundress, but if the sun comes back any day, I can get busy getting a little bit unpasty again.
It's not quite that bad but you get the idea.

8) I have been sleeping pretty well lately, with the window open at night; it is just right -- not too cold and not too hot.
We did hear a cat kill something the other night. That woke up the whole house and disturbed us all because whatever it was, it fought for it's life and lost. I woke up from a dead sleep, which means I was a little confused and told Christopher I would dump water on the cat even though I had no idea where it was. Plus, I was naked so that would have been scary.

9) I found a really cute pair of sandals for 20 euros and they are comfy and stylish.
They make my feet pretty.

10) My mom is in the states right now and I hope she brings me back a pair of white Chuck Taylors to replace the ones I ruined. I think I will dye the ones I destroyed a neon color. 

Monday, May 26, 2014

5 Reasons Social Media has Made my Life Better

Recently, there has been a video going around the web about how you should put down your phone and pay attention to what is going on around you. To tell you the truth it pretty much annoyed me. I don't feel like having a phone is ruining my conversation skills; I think they actually make me nicer.
I hate talking on the phone and I am usually short and rude on the phone, unless I really don't have anything else I would rather be doing and then I will talk for longer than 3 sentences.

1) I am nicer when I write things on whatsapp or whatever form of communication I choose. I have to think about what I am going to say before I write it so I don't call someone a motherforking douche and misspell it.
I do believe that the same rule applies for messages that if you don't have anything nice to say then shut your piehole, the internet is not your shield it doesn't make you invisible and it doesn't give you the right to bully or be a jerk.

2) I take so many more pictures of my kids which is something I didn't do when I had to take the film to be developed and worried about people stealing pictures of my kids or of taking 36 pictures and none of them turning out.

3) I read a shit ton of books like outrageous amounts of books and it was always a very expensive habit and trying to figure out what to do with the books afterwards was always a pain because how many times are you going to read a Nora Roberts paperback? I would give boxes of books away and now that I have the kindle app on my ipad I can get any book I want at any time for a less money the only downside is that I really like reading in the bathtub and that is not a good idea with the ipad.

4) I am able to keep up with friends that I had 20 years ago with no effort even if it just to find out they beat a level on candy crush.

5) With all the filters and extra doodads that you can use for your photos I can now make myself look like I got a full nights sleep and didn't eat 4 pieces of toast for breakfast.

By the way the photo apps that I use are: CandyCam, A Beautiful Mess, Picsart

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sick kids

When you have little kids and they get sick, you always wish you could take their pain away. Even though they're sick, you are grateful that they are cuddly and you take advantage of the fact that they can't run away from your mothering the crap out of them, but when your kids are bigger and they get sick you don't get that luxury. You just get to sit there and hope they don't mind you holding their hand.
Even when they are bigger than you and look like a man, you still want them to crawl in your lap so you can make them feel better, but that's not gonna happen -- so instead, I drove to McDonald's twice and bought him everything he wanted so he could pig out and I could feel better.

While I was sitting in the emergency room with Joshua, I saw a mom come in with her son, who was in really bad shape,. and she was having a hard time getting him the care that he needed. I all I could think was that was going to be me in a couple of years.

When you have boys you go to the emergency room often and sometimes it's Mother's Day and you want to smack them for picking that day to go flying off their bike, and sometimes it's at a birthday party when they decide to saw halfway through their finger even though you told them several times to stay away from the bread cutting machine.  The point is, you are in this exact situation several times in your life.

You are sitting in the emergency room somewhere after you shlepped your kid to the car and you spend hours sitting there telling them everything will be OK and that you will go home soon. Then they make your child stay overnight and you can't do anything about it. Today was that day and it scared the shit out of me. 

Joshua called me late at night and told me he felt bad but that he was staying at his friend's house and would call me in the morning to tell me how he was feeling.  When he woke up this morning he felt worse, and I told him I would get him and take him to the hospital.
Long story short, he had to stay the night and have tests and blood work done and now we know it was nothing serious, but he does need to take it easy the next couple of days.
He is back home now and resting in his bed, where I can hear him and check on him every 5 minutes. Life is good.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Hanging in the Park

This week we decided for our Ladies night to go hang out at the Water tower in Downtown Mannheim, I know it makes us sound like a bunch of Hoodlums but it is really beautiful there and I wanted to practice a little with my camera. Of course we acted like a bunch of teenagers and had people watching us but we had fun and took hilarious pictures.

We went to Dean & David and picked up Salad and Thai food and some Beer from Japan and headed down to the Park. Everywhere you look you see people eating outside or reading some even use the park to sleep that would be a homeless person

After we had eaten someone I don't remember who it was got the bright idea to take action shots so these three crazy chicks decided to jump around and I played the paparazzi, at one point we even had applause which was creepy and hysterical at the same time. 

Monday, May 19, 2014

My favorite songs till now

I love music I have said it again and again I like to learn about new artists and keep up with different kinds of Genres and to say my taste in tunes is eclectic is the understatement of the century but there are a few songs that I always turn up when I hear them and I sing along.

1.) Phil Collins: Against all Odds
I love this song I love the album it was on and he was one of my favorite artists till he only made shitty Disney songs

2.) Elton John: Tiny Dancer
Ditto on the shitty Disney music

3.) Reba Macentire: Fancy
It's a song about a prostitute but a charming one

4.) Mister Mister: Broken Wings
I think I really like this because it was the first music video I saw that my brother had video taped from MTV it always reminds me of that, and its a good song

5.) NKOTB: Please don't go girl
Sappy gooey goodness from my teenage years that I remember, also that I caught a girls arm hair on fire at a NKOTB concert. Ah the memories

6.) U2: With Or Without You
1997 open air Solider field, Chicago one of the greatest moments in my life

7.) Lita Ford & Ozzy Osbourne: If I close my eyes forever
Awesome ballad, makes me want to roll around on the floor on leather pants

8.) Tears for Fears feat. Oleta Adams: Woman in chains
 Very few songs can top this

9.) Kate Bush: This woman's work
Beautiful Voice with wonderful Lyrics

10.) Womak & Womak: Teardrops
I always turn this way up

11,) Jamiroquai: Little L
Best cruising music

12.) Paula Abdul : Straight up
I know her voice is tinny and weak but when this song came out I almost killed myself dancing to it in my room. I'm not kidding, I kicked my leg up so high I knocked the other one from under me and slammed into the floor knocking myself out.

So what are your favorites?

Get a life

I read an article today about a mother who was apologizing to her friends about neglecting them because she had kids. I made that mistake once, and after I had Mia, I almost made that mistake again. This time I had my friends to kick me in the ass and tell me to snap out of it. It's easy to give in to the kids and just sit at home and work around their schedule but then you end up only washing your hair every ten days and wearing Disney shirts all the time because you have now officially let yourself go.

My girlfriends and I had a hard time finding dates to get together because we always had stuff happening, but saying we meet every Wednesday no matter what, has worked like a charm. I don't get my nails done nor do I go tanning, and I get my hair done at home so that saves a lot of money, but I do go out to eat every Wednesday and that is where I splurge.
I sit down and eat without having to cut someone's meat other than my own, and I enjoy every second of it. I times where this is the biggest highlight of my week, to get together and gossip.
I make plans to do grownup stuff and I am booked for weeks in advance but I have a blast and I always have something to look forward to.

The weekends are saved for the kids but even then we do stuff with grown-ups, because I can only sit on a playground by myself for so long before going nuts.
I am lucky that most of my friends have kids. The kids are all ages but it still works because the little ones will run with the bigger kids and the more eyes on a toddler the better.

Just because you have kids does not mean you have to give up everything you ever did so you can be a good mom. You will feel guilty every once in a while, but most moms already feel guilt -- it's how we are wired, so what's a little more guilt?  I feel guilty when I don't go to the playground with Mia everyday because I feel like she is missing out on something or she isn't getting enough fresh air. This  is stupid but it's 'mom guilt'; there's nothing sane about it.

Here is a list to help you tell if it's time to get a life:

If you tell people what your husband is doing but use the term "we", you might need some girlfriends.

If you don't have anything to talk about with your Husband other than what the kids did or what you watched on T.V., it's time for a life.

If you wear Crocs to go anywhere other than the yard (except for my dad), it might be time for a life.

If the only live music you have seen in the last 2 years is your kids' concert in school, it's time for a life.

If you've gained 20 pounds and it's not from having a baby, it might be time for a life where you move your body off the couch.

If your haircut is the same you have had since highschool and you are coming up on your 20 year reunion, it might be time for a change.

If looking at pictures of pretty people makes you jealous instead of inspired, it might be time to change something about your attitude.

Get a hobby, something that makes you excited and energized just thinking about it, whether it is gardening, sewing, playing the ukelele or going to the gym. It doesn't matter what you choose to do, as long as you don't give up everything that used to be you.

Enough with the pep talk.  

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Things I learned

What I learned this weekend:

I live in a pretty amazing place that I love,
and riding around that lake on my bike for the first time this year really made my butt hurt.

I love my bike.

Sorry for the blurry shot. I took this while riding, but I had to show you how much Mia loves riding her bike. She is like a dog sticking her head out of the window while driving; she rings the bell and likes to steer.

I learned that having 10 loads of laundry done, including the sheets from vacation, is awesome!

I learned that horses are unpredicatable and that they will bite a 2 years old's finger, which will traumatize her so much she will get in her carseat and put on her own seatbelt so you can take her home.
This is a goat not a horse, and he didn't bite her.

I learned that Joshua takes great pictures and somehow ends up in a foto shoot for Yakuza clothes.

It kills me how he stumbles into these situations.

I watched An Awkward Moment and learned that if you have taken Viagra, then you have to pee horizontally,
and I also learned that there is such a thing as a chick flick for dudes.

I learned that dessert can be so good that I can still think about it two days later and start slobbering.
Yeah, that's what white chocolate cake with raspberries on the side did to me.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day is a Crock of Shit

The Lochness monster
A Banshee
A pot of gold at the end of a rainbow
Mothers Day

All of these things have one thing in common -- they are all myths.
I guess on Mother's Day your kids are supposed to bring you breakfast in bed and tell you they love you while they shower you with gifts they made themselves. And, of course, your loving husband brings you flowers and thanks you for being the best mom ever to his children.

Well, guess what -- that isn't how it is in my house!  My kids are totally pissed off because they spent all their allowance two days after they got it and now have no money to buy me anything and making something is too much work.
And you know what? I'm used to it. That is how it is in my life most of the time; my kids take me for granted because that is what kids do. They expect you to be there because you always are.
Why should they reward you for doing what you promised to do when you had them?
Do I need a card to tell me I am the best Mom they ever had? How the hell would they know? They only have me to compare to.

Mother's Day is just another day that puts everyone under pressure to perform a certain way, and I, for one, do not need more pressure to be a certain kind of mom.

I have decided not to acknowledge Mother's Day anymore, except to do something with my mom but she doesn't consider it even that important anymore. She told me that she didn't feel like sitting around forever in a restaurant waiting for food that isn't even all that great. 

So, instead we went to Brunch and had fun and were home by 1:30 in the afternoon, just in time to take a nap in our sweats.