Friday, April 11, 2014

The sound of silence

To know me is to know that I talk a lot and really loud, and I will try to talk over you and cut you off if you take too long to get your point across. I'm not saying that this is my most endearing quality but it is a small part of what makes me . . . me. The funny thing about that is that, I hate to talk on the phone, so most of my communication is either face to face or through texts. My husband is not a fan of that at all, but I think that's because he should have been born in the 50s;  that's ok, I love the 50s!
A couple of days ago Christopher asked the Kids what they thought of not having any phones, computers or tablets while in Holland. The next morning when they had me to themselves, they were in total shock and told me what Dad had said. To their astonishment, I was completely for it with a few exceptions, such as the use of the tablet for the car trip.  How else can I keep three bored kids busy without going insane?  Also, every evening when they go to bed they can have their phone.
I think that I am the worst junkie in the family when it comes to gadgets. This will be interesting to me, not being able to blog, instagram or whatsapp.
A vacation without having the urge to document every single thing will be more relaxing (I do have the camera with me.) I will be snapping pictures of everything and everybody, but I won't have to edit it or add a filter before posting it to instagram or to my blog right away. I didn't own a computer or a phone till I was 26 so I should be able to handle 7 days of being cut off from the reality world without breaking out in hives. . . . I think. 
I think I have enough to keep me busy with this crazy girl who likes getting into everything and who destroys things left and right. 
This will either be the most relaxing, tech-free vacation I have ever taken or I will come home and nobody will be speaking to one another. 
Talk to you in a week, and if I'm not back in a week with tons of pictures and lots to say, then I probably just stayed there.

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