Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The "Sandwich" Kid

Let me tell you about my first girl and second child, Enya Karina.
Enya has been an absolute sunshine ever since she was born. As a baby, she very rarely cried and was always content to play by herself and just keep busy. She made being her mom very easy, and I am grateful for such an easy-going child.

10 facts about Enya

1) She sings at the top of her lungs, even if she misses some notes, then laughs her head off afterwards.

2) She thinks she can breakdance and she will roll around on the kitchen floor and make you video her.

3) She is a packrat and a borderline "Messie", but to her everything is a treasure even if it's a rock.

4) She dresses like the rainbow and is completely unfazed by people looking at her funny; she just does her thing.

5) She loves music and has a wide range on her iPod that she likes and listens to.

6) She likes to cook, and bake, and help in the kitchen, and watch cooking shows with me.

7) Enya has the most addicting laugh and she gets going to the point where she can't stop and she ends up gasping for air.

8) She is fiercely loyal to her family and she won't allow a bad word to be said about anyone.

9) She can memorize lyrics or poems just by hearing them once and then sing all the words to a song; sometimes she misunderstands words but she still sings them.

10) She is very rarely in a bad mood and you can usually get her out of her funk really quick by making her laugh.
Enya tells me at least 3 times a week that "Today was the best day of my life" because something small happened and it made her so happy. I could really learn form her when it comes to that attitude.  

She is, of course, a total Diva who loves anything with glitter on it, and if it doesn't have glitter, she will make sure it does when she is finished with it.

Enya has the biggest heart and she always shares everything she has, no matter what it is; sometimes she gets hurt doing it but she still does it. 

I'm glad she is my daughter because, no matter what I do wrong for the rest of my life, she is definitely something I did perfectly.

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