Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Ocean Breeze makes me feel fine

Mia has been having breathing issues a lot lately so I took her to the Saline in a town nearby. It is a huge wall filled with branches where saltwater runs down and makes the air like an ocean breeze. It is supposed to be good for the lungs and help you breathe better and it definitely helped Mia. I only live 20 minutes from this place so its not far to go.
This child loves to walk on her tip toes

Can you believe my mom is 67? She sure don't look it. 

Mia calls Oma "Mom" all the time because she hears me say it; Mia is her 8th grandchild.

The saltwater collects in the bottom and Mia had to know exactly how it works

These walls are 330 meters long and 18 meters high with 250.000 branches attached.

This is the outside area around the Saline. It's very peaceful and if I didn't have to chase a 2 year old, I probably would have walked around a little more. 

I had saltwater on the lens of my camera and all over our clothes and in our hair.

I will be taking Mia there more often, because I could tell the difference in her breathing while we were there. Now she sounds good and hasn't had to use the inhaler yet.
Check it out:
Saline Bad Duerkheim

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