Sunday, April 6, 2014

Luisenpark Mannheim

One of my most favorite places to go is to the Park in Mannheim; it was a favorite of my Oma so maybe that is where I get it from. This place is so beautiful that everyone loves it. This park is humongous. Today we visited the part that is 30 acres and you rarely get through the whole thing in one day if you want to see everything. It was built in 1886, and up until 2008, was a work in progress.
Luisenpark Mannheim
The first thing we saw when we walked in were big ol' birds trying to get it on and a bunch of people trying to get pictures; that didn't bother Mia she ran right up to them.

Right after we took this Picture Mia climbed on a rock and fell over backwards, hitting her head on the concrete, which means we spent the next 15 minutes making sure she didn't have a concussion and rocking her till she stopped crying. 
The part of the tower with all the windows is a restaurant that turns very slowly and you can see all of Mannheim all the way to Heidelberg.  It was built in 1974 and has even had a helicopter crash into it. It still stands but this week a window cracked and had to be pushed out 120 meters to the ground. They don't know how to replace it because a new window won't fit in the elevator. #realworldproblems
These little boats are my favorite. I try to ride them every time I go but today we didn't because we wanted Mia to run around as much as possible and get tired.   FYI:  She only slept in the car and got up once we got home.

Mia brought Daddy a flower that she found growing close to duck poop -- that is what it smelled like. That's too bad 'cause if a two year old brings you a flower, you better sniff it. 

Ma Boats again

This child will not leave a barrette in her hair to save her life but she will leave her sunglasses on all day.
The chess board is usually where all the old men are, but Sundays when the park is swarmed with kids, they are out of luck.

 That's my ice cream they are sharing.
Ma Boats again I might have a problem

Just to explain this picture: the first time Christopher was on this horse he fell off backwards, but unfortunately, I didn't see it, I only where the leaves were stuck to his back,  I had to make him get off the horse so that little girl could get on.

This was a playground for bigger kids so dad had to get on everything with Mia.

 As you can see by the look on his face it was a real bother.

This is a really cool area of the park with speakers in the trees where you can listen to new age or sometimes classical music and relax. 
Every where you turn there is something else to see.
In this water, where the boats float, are the biggest carp you have ever seen. I think they are a thousand years old and only eat bread because they are huge.
 These two are looking for them and they found them.

Look at the mouth on that thing.

There are no dogs allowed in the park, which I prefer, because I love to go barefoot and not have to look for dog poop all the time. I don't want my kid to roll in it, either. There is a free part of the park where the dogs can run but only on a leash. 

I used to run around this fountain when I was little and my other two kids used to run around it, too.  At 15, I was laying in it with all my clothes and had to take the train home soaking wet. I don't remember why I was laying in it, but I must have had a reason. 

Heading home to drink coffee, lounge, and in my case -- blog --  after running for 3 hours. 

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