Monday, April 21, 2014


Pros and Cons of vacation in Holland
the ocean 
nice people 
great beach 
fresh fruit and vegetables 
perfect streets with no potholes 
pretty buildings with old awesome architecture
you can buy doritos & rootbeer
Mia slept through the night every night
my camera
438 pictures
lots of exercise with sore muscles everyday
I laughed a lot
the food
food and drinks are really expensive
its windy everyday
the sun only came out one day the whole week
Mia fell in the ocean
we got sunburn in our face from the one day with sun
my eyebrows peeled
No Internet for a week makes a bored annoying teenager 
 paleo went down the drain and I gained 4 pounds
crappy mattress
ants in the house
nasty shower in the house that smelled like sewer
cold rain

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