Monday, April 28, 2014

Erlenbach Animalpark

When I was little my mom would schlepp me to the Odenwald every Sunday to take a walk and to "look at nature".  Afterwards we would eat at a nice restaurant and head home to have coffee and cake; I hated it. I hated walking around without a reason and usually when I went somewhere I ran. I remember once as I was running home from school for no apparent reason, thinking that I would always run wherever I was going, forever, even when I became old.  I never had to stop for air and I was really fast. Needless to say I don't run everywhere I go but I do walk really fast and sometimes even without my ribs hurting and my lungs ready to explode. Fast forward about 18 years and I am gladly going walking on a Sunday and airing out the kids because this makes them tired; afterwards we go have a nice lunch in a restaurant. Wow, life is funny sometimes, especially when you catch yourself turning into your own mother and not even minding. We decided to take Mia to a park that has lots of animals that she can pet and feed because she just loves them so much. She is not afraid to hug them with both little arms around their neck. This particular park has about 200 animals but lots of space to run and just act all animaly and stuff. As soon as they (the animals) hear a bag rustling they come running like nutbags and start screaming at you.

Look at how beautiful this park is. Even if you are reformed nature hater like me or a couch potato, you have to admit that this is a little slice of paradise.

She thought about jumping in first, which I thought was funny, because she usually just gets dirty and wet and doesn't think twice about it. Today was different, I guess.
Let me tell you about the Llamas; they are probably my favorite because they are hilarious looking and I love their teeth. I probably had llamas in my past life; that's what I'm thinking.
My sister and I like to send pictures of llamas to each other because they make us laugh and today I was so excited to get up close and personal.

Look at his little face and beard. I just want to kiss it but I'm afraid that he will spit on me. Do llamas spit?
Christopher thought the goats yelling the whole times was hilarious and even more so when he yelled back and got an answer. I tell ya, boys don't grow up; they just get bigger.

This little guy was so cute. When we walked up to him he was licking the water off the leaves of the tree, and he let us pet him and just stood there and enjoyed it.
There was a tube through which you could throw the pet food down for the goats. Mia dumped her whole bag of food down there and just had so much fun; she couldn't even see the goats; she just thought it was fun to throw stuff. 
That bonehead is standing on said pipe but after little pieces came down the tube they started scarfing and butting heads.

It was a really fun day at the Erlenbach Tierpark in Fuerth. I don't know if I will go back anytime soon because there are quite a few parks around where I live, but I definitely recommend it.

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