Friday, April 11, 2014

Barefoot sandals

When you look at cool stuff on pinterest the first thing you think is, "I could totally do that!" but the truth is, not everything is worth doing yourself.
I found these amazing barefoot sandals on Etsy but they are $75 and up.  I thought for sure that I could make something comparable for way less money, but after last night, I now see that they are a ton of work and maybe $75$ isn't as overpriced as I thought.
It took hours to get these little pearls on my string and then I ended up changing everything!  But now that they are done, I am sure they will be nice with my sandals or even ballerinas.
If you want a lot of beading, these are a lot of work.  But,  even just a little crocheted flower would be cute.
These are perfect for the Boho/Ethno look.

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