Sunday, April 27, 2014

American Blogger

I watched the Documentary "American blogger".

There has been a ton of controversy about this movie, but even bad press is often considered good press. The problem with the documentary is that most of the comments are made about the Wiegand family and that is a no go. I watched the whole movie and yes, it does show pretty women in nice houses talking about their blogs; some of the comments were that it only showed well put-together women and clean houses, but I have to wonder what these snarky bloggers would have done differently. If a filmmaker tells you he would like to interview you, would you get in front of the camera looking like a hag while your kid is running around in a shitty diaper and your house is a disaster? One of the main reasons I watched this movies is because I follow some of these blogs and I was curious to see what they had to say; maybe they are all friends of Casey Wiegand but I don't care, I like them too.
I started blogging 4 years ago and I have almost no followers but I still do it and I still follow lots of blogs. They inspire me to learn new things and I enjoy seeing people make and craft things, whether it is a headboard made out of a pallet or little leggings for a baby. Creative people should inspire you, not make you feel mediocre. If you are feeling mediocre then you need to evaluate your self esteem.
I love blogging because it lets me journal about life, and having readers keeps me accountable. I need that to keep me consistent, even if all I write about is my incontinent bladder.
If you don't agree with the movie or the trailer, that is fine but you shouldn't forget that Chris Wiegand put himself out there and put in the time and effort to make this movie; he interviewed people who put their stories, experiences and heartbreak on their blogs and for others to put them down and ridicule them because they didn't show themselves in dirty yoga pants is just wrong.
I will continue to write and take pretty pictures and if someone knocks on my door to interview me, I will definitely comb my hair and straighten up my lair. 

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