Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The "Sandwich" Kid

Let me tell you about my first girl and second child, Enya Karina.
Enya has been an absolute sunshine ever since she was born. As a baby, she very rarely cried and was always content to play by herself and just keep busy. She made being her mom very easy, and I am grateful for such an easy-going child.

10 facts about Enya

1) She sings at the top of her lungs, even if she misses some notes, then laughs her head off afterwards.

2) She thinks she can breakdance and she will roll around on the kitchen floor and make you video her.

3) She is a packrat and a borderline "Messie", but to her everything is a treasure even if it's a rock.

4) She dresses like the rainbow and is completely unfazed by people looking at her funny; she just does her thing.

5) She loves music and has a wide range on her iPod that she likes and listens to.

6) She likes to cook, and bake, and help in the kitchen, and watch cooking shows with me.

7) Enya has the most addicting laugh and she gets going to the point where she can't stop and she ends up gasping for air.

8) She is fiercely loyal to her family and she won't allow a bad word to be said about anyone.

9) She can memorize lyrics or poems just by hearing them once and then sing all the words to a song; sometimes she misunderstands words but she still sings them.

10) She is very rarely in a bad mood and you can usually get her out of her funk really quick by making her laugh.
Enya tells me at least 3 times a week that "Today was the best day of my life" because something small happened and it made her so happy. I could really learn form her when it comes to that attitude.  

She is, of course, a total Diva who loves anything with glitter on it, and if it doesn't have glitter, she will make sure it does when she is finished with it.

Enya has the biggest heart and she always shares everything she has, no matter what it is; sometimes she gets hurt doing it but she still does it. 

I'm glad she is my daughter because, no matter what I do wrong for the rest of my life, she is definitely something I did perfectly.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A day in the life

I don't know if everybody's life is as crazy as mine but sometimes I doubt it. There are days when nothing happens, but they are few and far between, and that also means that I stayed home all day. I am a Murphy's Law magnet and when you combine that with ADHD and a total scatterbrain, it is always a recipe for disaster

6am:  The kids drop something down the stairs

6:30am:  One of the kids rips the baby gate out of the wall and sends it down the basement stairs

8am:  I get up

8:30am: I only wash my hair because I can't stand the thought of getting my body wet in a shower so I take a whore bath.

9am:  I make Mia breakfast and try to get her dressed while she is running around the house, half naked, except for the 3 pairs of socks she made me give her.

9:50am: We head to Kindergarden (that she hates); I am probably scarring her for life by making her go there.

10:00am:  I drive to the customs office (Zollamt) and pass it twice because there is no offing sign; then I say "Kiss my ass" and drive back home without accomplishing what I went there to do in the first place.

11:00am: Drive home and change my shoes because I ripped the blister band aid off and my feet are killing me; put lotion on my dry-ass feet because now I'm are wearing sandals, paint the first three toes that stick out while I have on my shoes.

11:15am : Pick up Mia who cries when she sees me but then she starts playing as if nothing happened.

11:30am : Drive to Grandparents house, who ask to take Mia to the Park.

11:35am: Drive to pick up Mom for trip to Ikea.

11:50am: Try to park my big-ass van in the parking lot, needing 5 tries, while everybody inside eating a hot dog can see me.

1:30pm: Get out of Ikea and drive home in time to make lunch for the kids.

2:30pm: Mia comes back home from the park. I lay her down for her nap and find her, 15 minutes later, only wearing socks and slippers.

2:45pm: Get Mia back out of bed because she is not going to sleep, which means that the alone time I thought I would have just went out the window. 

3:15pm: I decide that the curtains I bought at Ikea don't need to be washed, just ironed so I run to the basement and try to iron them as fast as I can, which means I burn a hole in one. 

4:30pm: After looking for the little-ass screw that goes in the little-ass hole in the rod and finally finding it, I get the damned curtains up and I HATE THEM!!!! I can't take them back because . . . you guessed it . . . I burned them!

4:35pm: I decide to ignore the curtains and never take them down, just like the last ones that I only washed 3 times in 7 years. 

5:30pm: I start picking up the house again for the 5th time that day, only to have my kids help by tearing the place up quicker than I can clean. 

6:30pm: Eat dinner that gets interrupted by Mia pooping, so you have to go change her before she whips off her diaper and throws it somewhere.

7:30pm: Take a picture of Mia, who decided to sit in her carseat and watch Josh change the tire on his bike. . . . .
then I realize that she took a selfie and posted it to Instagram.
8:00pm: Get Mia in bed and sit down.

9:51pm: Finish this post and start the next one.

Clean Granola in the Crockpot

I was doing really well eating clean for about 2 months and then fell off the wagon, gained 3 pounds, but now I am back in the saddle. I was so\ick of eating eggs everyday, but I was also too lazy to really look for something different until I stumbled across a post  on Bless this mess please about making your own granola. I changed some of the ingredients and I also made it in the crockpot.

3 cups coarse oats
3 cups soft oats
3/4 cup almond flour
1/2 cup coconut oil
1 cup honey
2 tbsp Cinnamon
1 pinch ofsalt
2 tbsp vanilla
1/2-1 cup of water
1 cup coconut
optional are dried berries or nuts

Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl.
Melt the oil, mix together with honey and water and add to dry mixture.
Stir it until everything is wet and pretty sticky.
Pour into ungreased crockpot and put a spoon under the lid so the moisture can escape.
Set on low for 4-5 hours, depending on your Crockpot, stirring every 30 minutes. This step is very important because it will burn if you do not stir as instructed; in the last hour add the berries or nuts

Store it in air tight container and enjoy.

My house smelled amazing while this was cooking and the taste is really awesome! I love it even though I did not add the cranberries, which as it turns out, I probably should have.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Erlenbach Animalpark

When I was little my mom would schlepp me to the Odenwald every Sunday to take a walk and to "look at nature".  Afterwards we would eat at a nice restaurant and head home to have coffee and cake; I hated it. I hated walking around without a reason and usually when I went somewhere I ran. I remember once as I was running home from school for no apparent reason, thinking that I would always run wherever I was going, forever, even when I became old.  I never had to stop for air and I was really fast. Needless to say I don't run everywhere I go but I do walk really fast and sometimes even without my ribs hurting and my lungs ready to explode. Fast forward about 18 years and I am gladly going walking on a Sunday and airing out the kids because this makes them tired; afterwards we go have a nice lunch in a restaurant. Wow, life is funny sometimes, especially when you catch yourself turning into your own mother and not even minding. We decided to take Mia to a park that has lots of animals that she can pet and feed because she just loves them so much. She is not afraid to hug them with both little arms around their neck. This particular park has about 200 animals but lots of space to run and just act all animaly and stuff. As soon as they (the animals) hear a bag rustling they come running like nutbags and start screaming at you.

Look at how beautiful this park is. Even if you are reformed nature hater like me or a couch potato, you have to admit that this is a little slice of paradise.

She thought about jumping in first, which I thought was funny, because she usually just gets dirty and wet and doesn't think twice about it. Today was different, I guess.
Let me tell you about the Llamas; they are probably my favorite because they are hilarious looking and I love their teeth. I probably had llamas in my past life; that's what I'm thinking.
My sister and I like to send pictures of llamas to each other because they make us laugh and today I was so excited to get up close and personal.

Look at his little face and beard. I just want to kiss it but I'm afraid that he will spit on me. Do llamas spit?
Christopher thought the goats yelling the whole times was hilarious and even more so when he yelled back and got an answer. I tell ya, boys don't grow up; they just get bigger.

This little guy was so cute. When we walked up to him he was licking the water off the leaves of the tree, and he let us pet him and just stood there and enjoyed it.
There was a tube through which you could throw the pet food down for the goats. Mia dumped her whole bag of food down there and just had so much fun; she couldn't even see the goats; she just thought it was fun to throw stuff. 
That bonehead is standing on said pipe but after little pieces came down the tube they started scarfing and butting heads.

It was a really fun day at the Erlenbach Tierpark in Fuerth. I don't know if I will go back anytime soon because there are quite a few parks around where I live, but I definitely recommend it.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

American Blogger

I watched the Documentary "American blogger".

There has been a ton of controversy about this movie, but even bad press is often considered good press. The problem with the documentary is that most of the comments are made about the Wiegand family and that is a no go. I watched the whole movie and yes, it does show pretty women in nice houses talking about their blogs; some of the comments were that it only showed well put-together women and clean houses, but I have to wonder what these snarky bloggers would have done differently. If a filmmaker tells you he would like to interview you, would you get in front of the camera looking like a hag while your kid is running around in a shitty diaper and your house is a disaster? One of the main reasons I watched this movies is because I follow some of these blogs and I was curious to see what they had to say; maybe they are all friends of Casey Wiegand but I don't care, I like them too.
I started blogging 4 years ago and I have almost no followers but I still do it and I still follow lots of blogs. They inspire me to learn new things and I enjoy seeing people make and craft things, whether it is a headboard made out of a pallet or little leggings for a baby. Creative people should inspire you, not make you feel mediocre. If you are feeling mediocre then you need to evaluate your self esteem.
I love blogging because it lets me journal about life, and having readers keeps me accountable. I need that to keep me consistent, even if all I write about is my incontinent bladder.
If you don't agree with the movie or the trailer, that is fine but you shouldn't forget that Chris Wiegand put himself out there and put in the time and effort to make this movie; he interviewed people who put their stories, experiences and heartbreak on their blogs and for others to put them down and ridicule them because they didn't show themselves in dirty yoga pants is just wrong.
I will continue to write and take pretty pictures and if someone knocks on my door to interview me, I will definitely comb my hair and straighten up my lair. 

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Soundtrack Saturday

I love music. It can make my mood extra fun or it can make me ugly, even cry in my car, but either way I need my tunes. I have a very eclectic taste in music and I don't really dislike any music except for trash metal -- that shit makes me mean.
I am always looking for new artists and I love that now itunes has radio, where I can listen to the whole song before I buy it.

This week I found several things that I like.
Sam Smith is, in my opinion, a mixture of Jimmy Sommerfield and James Morrison. I love this song and I am really looking forward to the whole album.
Ok, I loved this movie to pieces because it's Dr. Seuss but this is such a great song to listen to loud and just grab the kids and have a dance party in the kitchen. I really like Ester Dean's voice and she was great in Pitch Perfect, which is an awesome soundtrack.

Coldplay has always been one of my favorite feel-good bands and one of the things on my bucket list is to see them live. One of the best performances was the tribute to the Beastie Boys; I loved it!
. The first time I heard Audra Mae was on the show "Sons of Anarchy", when she sang an acapella version of "Forever Young"; I have been hooked ever since. Justin Timberlake can do no wrong. I am having issues on how this is being displayed on the blog, so I hope you can listen to these and I hope you like them.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

teenagers and their priorities

When we booked our vacation, I was already pretty sure that this would be the last vacation that Joshua would be going on with us. I figured I would play it by ear and just enjoy it. I should have known better and listened to my intuition. I love my kid more than anything; I cry just thinking about when he was little and how cute he was. He made me a grown-up instantly and has been with me through every good and crappy thing that has happened to me in the last 15 years.
He is a good kid, never really getting into trouble aside from the usual crap they do, like coming home later, back talking or just being moody. He talks to me about most of the things going on in his life and I am grateful that he does even though sometimes I think "TMI", and I wish he would keep some things to himself.
I was a horrible teenager, always rebelling against everybody and everything, especially my mother. No matter what she said, I did the opposite and I took the long, hard way for everything. I never thought about any consequences and just did what ever the hell I wanted, which usually resulted in absolute chaos and disaster.
So, whenever Joshua acts out I totally know where he is coming from, but that doesn't mean I have to like it or just let it go. 
Being a teenager today is so different than it was when I was a teenager. The social media alone can destroy your life in minutes and the bullying isn't just on the playground anymore. The peer pressure is 100 times worse and keeping up with all the phones, ipods and other shit that everybody has is exhausting and impossible. 
But that rant wasn't actually what I wanted to talk about; it was more of how "doofus" acted while we were on vacation. 
Joshua wanted to be somewhere else the whole time we were in Holland; he missed his friends (girls) and his bike and his x-box and his Internet.
This is the look he usually had on his face, which is what I had to look at for a week. I felt like a loser because he didn't have fun at all and he thought everything was stupid and boring and that we didn't understand anything. Wow, talk about sounding familiar; every time I tell my mom what a pain in the ass he is, she just gives me this look followed by a dirty laugh. 
I know this is a phase and someday he will be a grownup and I will even (possibly) miss these days. Probably not. . . I don't think I will miss the moodiness of puberty or the dirty looks or the outbursts of temper or the wadded up wet kleenex he leaves stuck to the sink from picking his face. 
I will miss the talks we have when we are driving in the car and I can't get away, so he asks me things that make me so uncomfortable that I want to jump out of the moving vehicle.  I will miss when he opens the fridge ten times in a row because he is hungry and can't find anything in the fully stocked fridge and wants me to make him something. 
I don't know know if I will miss his asking me if I washed his favorite pair of pants at 9:00pm on a Sunday so he can wear them the next day for school, and I sure won't miss his knocking shit over in the middle of the night and scaring the daylights out of me, but I am sure that I will miss his talking in his sleep every night at 11:30pm. 
I will miss him laughing with his sister after he beat on her and forced her to lend him money (I'm kidding).
He kills me sometimes but I love him so much that it makes my heart hurt, and I lay awake at night freaking out about something happening to him. 
I guess that is what it's like when your kids get bigger; your worries get bigger but your control gets smaller. I wish someone would have told me that sooner. 
Yeah right, like that would have made a difference.