Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Room of Doom

I have been dreading doing the "Sandwich Kid" room because it is the worst room in the house and I knew it would take me the longest. It took me all day, and it was 9:00pm when I was finally done.  I didn't even do her closet yet because it was too late.

This is basically what her room looks like all the time because, unfortunately, she is a hoarder.  She also likes to hide things like 7 Tupperware dishes full of school food; I threw them out because I was not about to touch the stuff that was in it.
I threw away about 4 bags full of stuff, including erasers, pencils, pens, trash, stuffed animals and papers for a class she isn't in anymore, puzzle pieces, barbie shoes and the list goes on.
It's unbelievable how bad it was! I go through her room every couple of months so I don't know how this happened.

I made her help me and while she didn't do much except play and fight me on what could go in the trash, we talked about a bunch of different stuff like how much she dislikes Justin Bieber now (I'm glad I didn't buy her tickets to see him) because he does drugs and he is in jail. She also told me about school and how it's going and just plain small talk, but we laughed a lot and listened to mix cds that I made her 2 years ago.  now tonight I will finish her closet and then move on.

I'm just glad that I got that out of the way.

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