Friday, March 21, 2014

Stop, collaberate and listen

Things I've learned this week:

1) If you let your toddler run around naked without a diaper, she will use that opportunity to pee somewhere you didn't expect, like in her Barbie tent.

2) If you make your 15 year old drink coffee in the morning, he will go from a total jerkface to a happy teenager in minutes.

 3) I realized my husband has seen too many romantic comedies because he likes to give me forehead kisses and I hate those! They aren't the only annoying thing he does (of course); he also rubs his nose water in my hair. I tell him to stop and he tells me that he is showing his affection and to shut up and accept it.

4) Putting nail polish on my nails keeps me from chewing on them; either that, or it shows everybody else that I chew them because I have red flakes in my teeth.

5) Whenever I ride my bike I hum the wicked witch song from The wizard of Oz. Always.

6) I like to walk past the mirror and see if my stomach has shrunk, yet after diet and exercise Day 4. it hasn't in case you were wondering.

7) Mia has inherited the theatrical gene and after seeing her re-enact the whole "Frozen" movie, including the "Let it Go" Elsa goes traipsing up the mountain bit, I also see she has inherited the full package of InstaDiva and Drama. She is going to make me bite myself a lot in frustration; I can see it already.

I am finally going to learn the whole "Thriller" Dance in the comfort of my home, thanks to this nifty guide. 

9) I hate selling stuff on Ebay. I really suck at it and take no pleasure whatsoever from it. My Husband thinks I am crazy that I would rather sell at the flea market at 5 in the morning but I would; it's more fun and we always have beer. 

10) I have a secret weapon on my blog that makes me look and sound waaaay smarter than I am. Her name starts with S and ends with Andy and she even has her own company.
If you need someone to make you look good, this is who you need. 

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Sandy said...

I love it! You're going to have to video yourself after you've learned "Thriller" and post it on your blog!

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