Friday, March 7, 2014

Starting 40 bags challenge again

I have been wanting to do this "40 bags in 40 days" challenge for the last 3 years, and every time I start, something happens and I quit. Well this year shall be different, I promise! I started in the upstairs bathroom that is also my closet, so I had a lot to sort out and give away, throw away.

Yes, these are before pictures but it doesn't mean that my bathroom usually looks like this. I didn't take a picture till after I had pulled a bunch of stuff out and thrown it on the floor.
I got rid of a lot of clothes that I have held onto forever, even though I was never going to wear them again. I definitely filled at least two bags full of clothes and about 4 little trash bags full of odds and ends.

Even though it doesn't look like it, I did get rid of about 5 bottles of perfume (which is ridiculous)!  I should be ashamed for having so much crap.
See me trying to hide my picture taking?
It took me about 4 hours because I washed all my makeup brushes,  refolded all my clothes, and posted a bunch of stuff to give away on Whatsapp while I was cleaning it out, so I was taking pictures and sending messages a lot of the time. But I did get rid of it so it was worth it.
I feel so much better in there now, and I found stuff that I had been missing for a while, including earrings.
Tomorrow I am starting somewhere else in the house, but I don't quite know where yet because that's how I roll.

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