Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring is here

I have always loved to decorate but I also have a child who destroys everything, even if it's high up and you don't think she can reach it. This year we will be making an Easter tree with plastic eggs and stuffed bunnies, because that way, when the destroyer knocks it down and attacks it, everything should stay in one piece 
I used the template and idea from this adorable blog post on The Little fabric Blog
I tried these two different ways and the second way worked best. The first time I traced the bunnies on the fabric with the right sides facing down. I cut them out and then sewed them, but it was a huge pain because the sides didn't match.
The second time I folded my fabric right side up and traced the bunnies on the fabric. I then sewed them before cutting them out since I knew I would be cutting them with pinking shears afterwards to get that shabby chic look. It made it a lot easier but I did get two bunnies less because I had to leave enough room for cutting afterwards.
I stuffed them with filling and used a kabob stick to stuff the ears; I tied a bow around the neck and I was done. I am thinking I might hang them from the easter tree but I have to make sure it doesn't look a tree of "hanging" bunnies.

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