Friday, March 7, 2014

Mardi Gras in Germany

Mardi Gras, or in Germany Fastnacht, has a very long tradition here in Germany, and always without an exception, means that 90% of the people here are completely nuts.
I like Fastnacht but I usually don't go anywhere because of the kids; at least that's how it's been the last 3 years but the one thing that we always do is go to the parade. There are all kinds of parades here, ranging from huge to ridiculous which is the one we always end up going to because it's close and we know the kids will catch candy.
This was the first year that Mia really knew what was going on and she seemed to be having fun, but we couldn't let her down because she would probably run away.

Mia has her glasses on upside down and refused to turn them around so I let her go because, nowadays, you have to choose your battles.

This guy was funny and got really close to my face, which could have ended badly for him but I let him be
The parade didn't last long and you could tell which trucks were fillers because they had a whole caravan of senior citizens wearing animal heads and sitting in wheelchairs; they were being pushed down the street and they weren't even cool heads; they looked like they had stolen them off toddlers
If my family ever puts me in a home and they try that shit with me, I am going to hurt someone. Anyway after about 45 minutes of watching a bunch of people dressed up and most of them were not even motivated enough to smile, it was finally over; next year we are going to a bigger parade where people who signed up for it are a little motivated because if I had known that I would be looking at bitchy weirdos, I could have prepared myself. 

At least this one slept a little
Wonders never cease

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