Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Little Bit of Rainbow

I love rainbows and I always have. There is just something fun and cheerful about them and they are also an absolute miracle, and even though you can explain them with science, I still stick with the miracle.
I have a whole pinterest board with just rainbows because they make me happy just looking at them
I decided to make a mobile with just little rainbow hearts, and of course, because I have vision sometimes the logistics get in the way and I have to start, scrap and restart 90%  of my projects. Crafting & sewing with ADD is hard.
Here you see how I started with a huge craftpunch that was waaay to big for those rinky dink little rings. Plus, there weren't enough hearts but that didn't stop me from plugging along.
So in the end I got more paper and cut a total of 183 hearts and made a wreath form out of a hanger. The hearts were just too big for the little rings that cost me about 4 euros.
It's huge! I only had one size punch and I wasn't about to cut the hearts out by hand, but I still love it. My husband looked at me like I was a hippie when I told them I wanted it hung in the bedroom, but he did it anyway and it brightens up the room. 
I might make another one with different size hearts, from big to small, but for now this is my rainbow fix. 

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