Sunday, March 9, 2014

Family Day

Today we went to Heidelberg to the Fairytale paradise, which is one of the oldest and most visited places in Heidelberg (except for the castle). It is a huge playground with a few things you can ride and also bouncy houses, a train, and puppets that tell stories in little houses.  I am sure I went there as a kid but I couldn't remember because it has been so long; I took a bunch of pictures, some good some not so good, but because it is a new camera and I am learning, you have to take the good with the crappy…….You're welcome. 

 Love the Bono glasses on Enya; she looks fabulous!

 Trying to get my kid to stop chewing her fingers

I look stoned but I'm not, I swear.
I would have enjoyed myself way more

It was fun and we left just as it was starting to get really busy, so that was perfect timing. I will definitely go back soon because Mia had a blast and so did Enya. 

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