Friday, March 28, 2014

Easter Tree

The only Holiday that I have really decorated for the last few years was Christmas because I didn't want to deal with having to dust around the decorations and because I try to keep surfaces as uncluttered as I can. When the other kids were little I would decorate for all the holidays so now that Mia is more aware I am making an effort to do the same for her. Because she is so destructive and curious I opted for something that she can't break and went for an easter tree with plastic eggs and she had so much fun decorating it I am glad I did.
I have been working on myself letting her just do whatever she wants whether it be coloring whatever color she wants all over the page or hanging three eggs on one branch. The other kids had to deal with that particular issue me not letting them help me decorate the tree because they didn't do it right but the last two years I let them have it. I am work in progress, what can I say.
I am amazed at how focused she can be when she is doing something she likes or usually something that she isn't supposed to be doing. 

I tried to garden with her this week and she just left me kneeling in the dirt weeding while she took off all her clothes and just laid on the floor watching tv, so that was not a hit. 
She started Kindergarden 2 weeks ago but because of strikes here we haven't got her staying there by herself I am still staying there most of the time with her but she does play and leave me sitting there by myself.
I think she will really enjoy going there for a couple of hours a day and maybe wear her out more so she will finally sleep through the night. 
We are also potty training and its not going well at all but that is for another post.

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