Friday, March 28, 2014

DIY Nailpolish Shelf

Yesterday I got together with some friends to make a shelf for my nail polish. As of now I have all of my polish thrown in a box and I always have to dig for what I want.
There are so many tutorials on the web for this DIY so I won't go into the details, but I will show pictures.
I have to say we didn't get done till midnight because we had to wait forever for our pizza and we had to gossip and order shoes online.

3 foam boards
Glue gun and Glue sticks
A rotary cutter

You will need 1 board for the base of the shelf. You have to decide how high the shelves have to be for your polish to fit.  I did 8.5cm so draw your lines every 8.5cm and cut them out; these will be your shelf pieces. Glue them on the line that you drew and make sure they are even and straight.
Next are the little pieces that are are on the front of the shelf so your stuff doesn't fall out; cut and glue to the front.
Then do some of this:

After you horse around for a while and you are awake again, measure the sides from the shelf to the end of rack. Mine was 4.5 cm then cut and glue to the outside so it now is closed and nothing can fall out. You have to glue fast and hold it together because you don't want any holes.
Start glueing your trim, which will hide a lot of the imperfections. This was good in my case because my glue gun didn't heat up very well and the glue came out in clumps.
I used this to hang it on the wall.
Hang that sucker up and fill it up.  It looks like it should be hanging in a gypsy trailer with all that lace hanging on it, but I like it and all my stuff fits in it.

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