Tuesday, March 11, 2014

8 years

Yesterday, Christopher and I went on a date because it was our 8 year anniversary of being together. It sounds weird just saying it because that is a long time, and I have never been in a relationship this long. The past 8 years have been very busy and eventful, and in some cases, tiring but nonetheless we made it through together with lots of ups and downs and heartbreak. I told him last night that I have mentally packed my bags several times and even planned his funeral whenever I was really pissed, but he knows sometimes I am a dramatic cow so he just shrugs it off and looks at me like I have a fever and that it will pass.

 Being in a relationship is hard, especially when you have little kids because after giving 99% of my energy and attention to the kids, I just don't want to be considerate to another human being even if he deserves it. Christopher has had a hard time being married to me and has had to adjust a lot in the last 8 years. I guess that is because my whole personality goes against everything he is; something must have attracted him to me because he wanted me, too.
He was raised as an only child with two parents who thought, and who still think, the sun shines out of his ass and he can do no wrong. Pair that with a woman who is the 4th kid in the family, who was spoiled rotten, and who acted like a total prissy princess who can do no wrong. It was a total battle of wills for a long time and sometimes still is but at least I don't throw stuff anymore. That has helped keep the shrieking to a minimum, and we have broken too much stuff over the years -- that kind of got old.
 The perfect example of our differences in personality was the first Christmas we spent together; he was used to it just being him and his parents, who sat together in the living room on Christmas Eve and had a pleasant conversation while drinking a glass of wine and opening gifts. Our first Christmas as a couple involved 24 people, all sitting together at the table, yelling conversation across the table and screaming to pass the salami.
The night ended with both dads being plowed and my mother sleeping on an air mattress in the kids' room; it was totally exhausting and just the way I like it. It's the chaos that I thrive on and when I can feed 20 people and have everyone close by, I am one happy girl, unlike Christopher, who in the beginning ran around with a dish towel the whole night and tried to clean up.
Christopher has been there for me through a lot of hard times and even though I can really hate him sometimes for being such a stick in the mud, I know that he will be there no matter what crazy or stupid idea I have.
He is the calm to my crazy and one of the main reasons we are still together. I think I broke him and ruined him for every other woman he might consider being with.
Here is to the next 8 years, Foffer

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