Friday, March 28, 2014

DIY Nailpolish Shelf

Yesterday I got together with some friends to make a shelf for my nail polish. As of now I have all of my polish thrown in a box and I always have to dig for what I want.
There are so many tutorials on the web for this DIY so I won't go into the details, but I will show pictures.
I have to say we didn't get done till midnight because we had to wait forever for our pizza and we had to gossip and order shoes online.

3 foam boards
Glue gun and Glue sticks
A rotary cutter

You will need 1 board for the base of the shelf. You have to decide how high the shelves have to be for your polish to fit.  I did 8.5cm so draw your lines every 8.5cm and cut them out; these will be your shelf pieces. Glue them on the line that you drew and make sure they are even and straight.
Next are the little pieces that are are on the front of the shelf so your stuff doesn't fall out; cut and glue to the front.
Then do some of this:

After you horse around for a while and you are awake again, measure the sides from the shelf to the end of rack. Mine was 4.5 cm then cut and glue to the outside so it now is closed and nothing can fall out. You have to glue fast and hold it together because you don't want any holes.
Start glueing your trim, which will hide a lot of the imperfections. This was good in my case because my glue gun didn't heat up very well and the glue came out in clumps.
I used this to hang it on the wall.
Hang that sucker up and fill it up.  It looks like it should be hanging in a gypsy trailer with all that lace hanging on it, but I like it and all my stuff fits in it.

Easter Tree

The only Holiday that I have really decorated for the last few years was Christmas because I didn't want to deal with having to dust around the decorations and because I try to keep surfaces as uncluttered as I can. When the other kids were little I would decorate for all the holidays so now that Mia is more aware I am making an effort to do the same for her. Because she is so destructive and curious I opted for something that she can't break and went for an easter tree with plastic eggs and she had so much fun decorating it I am glad I did.
I have been working on myself letting her just do whatever she wants whether it be coloring whatever color she wants all over the page or hanging three eggs on one branch. The other kids had to deal with that particular issue me not letting them help me decorate the tree because they didn't do it right but the last two years I let them have it. I am work in progress, what can I say.
I am amazed at how focused she can be when she is doing something she likes or usually something that she isn't supposed to be doing. 

I tried to garden with her this week and she just left me kneeling in the dirt weeding while she took off all her clothes and just laid on the floor watching tv, so that was not a hit. 
She started Kindergarden 2 weeks ago but because of strikes here we haven't got her staying there by herself I am still staying there most of the time with her but she does play and leave me sitting there by myself.
I think she will really enjoy going there for a couple of hours a day and maybe wear her out more so she will finally sleep through the night. 
We are also potty training and its not going well at all but that is for another post.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring is here

I have always loved to decorate but I also have a child who destroys everything, even if it's high up and you don't think she can reach it. This year we will be making an Easter tree with plastic eggs and stuffed bunnies, because that way, when the destroyer knocks it down and attacks it, everything should stay in one piece 
I used the template and idea from this adorable blog post on The Little fabric Blog
I tried these two different ways and the second way worked best. The first time I traced the bunnies on the fabric with the right sides facing down. I cut them out and then sewed them, but it was a huge pain because the sides didn't match.
The second time I folded my fabric right side up and traced the bunnies on the fabric. I then sewed them before cutting them out since I knew I would be cutting them with pinking shears afterwards to get that shabby chic look. It made it a lot easier but I did get two bunnies less because I had to leave enough room for cutting afterwards.
I stuffed them with filling and used a kabob stick to stuff the ears; I tied a bow around the neck and I was done. I am thinking I might hang them from the easter tree but I have to make sure it doesn't look a tree of "hanging" bunnies.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday at the Playground

Friday, March 21, 2014

Burlap Pillows

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Daniela sent me a picture of Burlap pillows and told me she wanted to make them all and asked if anybody wanted to have a sew day. I did but it took a lot of planning for us to finally get together to sew them.
Today was the day, and I learned a lot about burlap, including the fact that it's a stupid name.
When you get the Burlap, you have to wash it a couple of times to get the smell. Then it will look like this: a big pile of wrinkled nastiness. After washing it twice with bleach it still smelled like a funky donkey. I ironed it with febreeze and it was ok, but burlap just smells weird.

Before we go any further, please feast your eyes on the awesomeness of this Atelier! I want it badly, including the little Bambie needle cushion.
Ok, back to the pillows.
We ironed and serged everything because Burlap likes to lose threads, but it also loses fuzz like crazy and you will have it everywhere, especially up your nose.
We tried to use the ruffle foot for the machine but burlap is just too stiff. Daniela ruffled it by hand after we had sewn it to the pillow
I cheated on my boyfriend Paleo today with these, because I wanted to and they were delicious and I don't regret it all.
This is how the first pillow turned out; I think it's cute and it looks like the picture 
This was the second pillow that we made. I think you can see that we didn't figure enough seam allowance because it is already pulling the sides in like crazy. After we were done it looked like a hot mess. However, after I left, Dani worked with it and it was better, but not yet perfect. 
We will have to work on that, but for the first time sewing with Burlap, I think they turned out kind of cute.
I think the pillows will look nice on my couch, but they are definitely just decoration because Burlap is stiff and not soft at all . . .  plus it smells. 

Stop, collaberate and listen

Things I've learned this week:

1) If you let your toddler run around naked without a diaper, she will use that opportunity to pee somewhere you didn't expect, like in her Barbie tent.

2) If you make your 15 year old drink coffee in the morning, he will go from a total jerkface to a happy teenager in minutes.

 3) I realized my husband has seen too many romantic comedies because he likes to give me forehead kisses and I hate those! They aren't the only annoying thing he does (of course); he also rubs his nose water in my hair. I tell him to stop and he tells me that he is showing his affection and to shut up and accept it.

4) Putting nail polish on my nails keeps me from chewing on them; either that, or it shows everybody else that I chew them because I have red flakes in my teeth.

5) Whenever I ride my bike I hum the wicked witch song from The wizard of Oz. Always.

6) I like to walk past the mirror and see if my stomach has shrunk, yet after diet and exercise Day 4. it hasn't in case you were wondering.

7) Mia has inherited the theatrical gene and after seeing her re-enact the whole "Frozen" movie, including the "Let it Go" Elsa goes traipsing up the mountain bit, I also see she has inherited the full package of InstaDiva and Drama. She is going to make me bite myself a lot in frustration; I can see it already.

I am finally going to learn the whole "Thriller" Dance in the comfort of my home, thanks to this nifty guide. 

9) I hate selling stuff on Ebay. I really suck at it and take no pleasure whatsoever from it. My Husband thinks I am crazy that I would rather sell at the flea market at 5 in the morning but I would; it's more fun and we always have beer. 

10) I have a secret weapon on my blog that makes me look and sound waaaay smarter than I am. Her name starts with S and ends with Andy and she even has her own company.
If you need someone to make you look good, this is who you need. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hitting your prime

When I was a teenager I went through the awkward phase that every kid goes through, when your body is growing and you have zits everywhere and you wear too much makeup, in fact so much you have to blow dry your eyes because if you didn't you would have eyeliner up to your forehead..
I did the whole 90s thing, too . . . the bib overalls, crop tops, bell bottom slinky pants (some even in crushed velvet).  Maybe that was a German thing but we did dress kind of weird here.
When I was in my twenties, I hit a phase where I tried to look like the ugliest person to ever be born. When I look at pictures, I think that has to have to have been my goal because I look like bonafide shit.

Seriously, what the hell was I thinking. . . dying my hair red? I had every color red from Henna to Ronald Mcdonald and none of them looked good on me.
Then I turned 30, I lightened up a little in the hair. I started having highlights done and going blonder and blonder and that is when I finally was attractive. It took me till I was almost 40 to actually like the way I look and not hate the way I look in pictures.
I have broad shoulder so I always look like I am smuggling razorblades in my armpits, but I always stand up really straight because of it.

When I walk, my feet point a little outwards which makes me walk like a penguin. I walk on my tip toes a lot but I have the strongest calves you have ever seen, thanks to that awkward walk.

I have short stubby fingers that look like kids' hands, but they are the same hands as my great grandmother and they are really strong.

My eyes are hazel which is so plain but it's the same color as both my mom and my dad's eyes, which makes them cool to me.

I have a lot of hair everywhere; I have to shave my legs everyday which I don't and pluck some random hair off my face everyday, but I also have thick healthy hair on my head even though I color the living daylights out of it. My hair has really taken a beating this last year and it is still holding on.

All in all, I have to say I am as happy with myself as I have ever been and I hope that it just keeps getting better and better. Maybe someday I will even love myself -- wouldn't that be a kick in the pants?