Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Princess Petunia turns 2

This Sunday was Mia's 2nd Birthday which was also Groundhog Day. That didn't matter to Mia. We went to a place called "Mannkidu" which is an indoor playground.  She had a blast playing with all the kids and running around without having to be careful because everything is padded. She jumped on the trampoline and slid down the slide 20 times or more and just ran all day.


This picture you see here is the only picture there is of me and my daughter on her birthday because no one in my family ever thinks to take a picture of me. I catch a lot of shit because I always have my phone in my hand but I also capture 99% of the memories in this family of mine. I am always taking videos, pictures or blogging because this is the way I remember my best and most happy moments.
I will continue to take pictures like a crazy woman and maybe just invest in a timer so I am finally in some of them. 

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