Sunday, February 16, 2014

Living in La la Land

I read a lot of books in a lot of different genres but my most favorite the last couple of years is young adult books like The Hunger Games, Twilight, Harry Potter, Vampire Academy, Bloodlines, etc...
My husband makes fun of me for reading these books because (I assume) he thinks I am missing my teenage years or feel old but that is not the reason I read these books; I read them because they are easy and a total distraction from real life as I know it at 38.
I want to read about stuff that is not going to happen in real life and would be really scary if it did, like an Edward stalking me and watching me 24/7 or werewolfs that don't get older.
When I was younger I used to read a shit ton of Harlequin romance stories and would, of course, expect my relationships to be just like that.
The guy always had money and was fricken' gorgeous!
The women were always virgins and the first time was like fireworks on the 4th of July.
I wanted that really bad but, of course, that isn't real life and it never happens like that, which is what my boyfriend at the time pointed out to me very loudly several times. ( Hi Joe)
They always got married after a few months and lived happily ever after.
Dude looks like a lady

I read a Nicholas Sparks book once and I hated it so much I threw it in the trash. I don't need some douchy guy telling me a horrible tragic story that never ever has a happy ending; his books are always tragic, as if I need that shit in my life.

When I read these stories I don't have to think about my teenager, who is a total jerk right now thanks to raging hormones that trick him into thinking he knows everything better then his parents, or a cranky two year old with a cold who cries all night unless we are watching Barbie at three in the morning. 

A little distraction from real life is good sometimes, but then it has to be totally different and ridiculous to take your mind off of things. 
I want to sit in the movies and stuff my face with junkfood and totally dive into someone else's imagination, and if it's a movie like Avatar, then even better. 

Alright, I am off to watch Barbie the Popstar for the 10,017 time and not enjoy it, especially that annoying ass music, but at least Princess Petunia is happy.

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