Monday, February 24, 2014

Keeping it real

 I made moon sand last week for Mia and while it did make a total mess in my kitchen, it also kept her busy and entertained for quite some time. I used about 8 kg of flour and 1 bottle of oil which cost me about $7.
My friend, Nicole, braided my hair on Friday and after I took it out, I looked like I had a perm. I wish I could braid like that but it's just something I have always sucked at. 

I picked up some Neon glasses for Enya that she has worn nonstop since Friday.  Of course, Mia has to have everything her sister has and she has been wearing her sunglasses in the house -- sometimes even upside down.

Mia has been sick again, this time with bronchitis, so she hasn't been eating or sleeping very well.   This is how I bribe her to eat.

I spent my whole sunday putting together 2 Ikea dressers but after 5 hours a lot of swearing and using the electric screwdriver, I was finally done and ready to decorate.

Mia likes her big girl room and she slept pretty well in it last night.  I am hoping that she will be a better sleeper, but you know what they say about wanting things. 

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