Wednesday, February 26, 2014

For Sentimental reasons

No matter what your relationship is to clothes, whether you just wear them so you don't get arrested or you love them and get excited when you buy something new, the fact remains that clothes tell a story.
The outfit you wore the first time you went on a date with your Husband or the jeans that you used to wear when your ass was up where it belonged -- some pieces have more meaning than others but when you look at your clothes and you see a huge pile of memories, it's no wonder you can't throw anything away.
Letting go of jeans that will never fit you again is healthy because those will just make you sad, but holding on to the t-shirt that you wore when you gave birth to your baby, even though it's almost see- through after thousands of cycles in the washing machine, is ok.
I have a few t-shirts that I have a serious attachment to and should my house ever catch on fire, I will definitely take them with me.

My dad was working the German-American Fest and wore these two shirts; they are German beer companies and it probably wasn't appropriate for an 8 year old but I still have them and love them.

My sister didn't have a lot of money but always got everyone in the family a Christmas present and that year she bought me a nightgown/shirt in a bag and I still wear it. It's so threadbare by now but I will never get rid of it because it reminds me of one of the last Christmases when the whole family was together.
June 27th 1997
Chicago, Solider Field
U2 gave a concert and I was there with my son's Dad; it is one of the best memories that I have of him because we had a blast. Walking back to the hotel after seeing the best concert I have ever seen, I was asked by a guy if I had any cigarettes; back then I did so I gave him three and he gave me a 1997 U2 PopMart concert shirt. I don't wear it anymore because I am afraid something will happen to it but getting that shirt was like hitting the lottery. I love it!

I visited my dad in Moss Bluff, Louisiana and while I was there, I painted the kitchen; my step mom gave me a shirt to paint in and I still have it and I wear it whenever I have a project.

Everytime I go through my closet to give away or throw away, I  have a little pile of memories that gets folded neatly and put right back.
Do you have any pieces like that in your closet? Anything that you will never get rid of no matter what? 

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