Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Having cake in Heaven

Today is the first birthday without Dad. We have now had the first Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and now his Birthday without him. After living in Germany for so long, I became used to only hearing from him on the phone or skype on Holidays and calling him on his Birthday. He always wanted me to come back to the States, but I realized that Life in the States was not for me, but I did like having that option. Dad always used to tell me, "Julia, America never closes." when I was annoyed that I couldn't buy my groceries on Sunday. That was just Dad's way of telling me that I could come home if I wanted and that is the way I understood it. I felt no pressure at all because, even though he would have loved having me there, he was okay with me living my own life.

So even though I am sad today I  hope that Dad is in his own personal heaven surrounded by family and friends who went before of him and he is having a blast. He used to like to party in his younger days, and I am sure he is tearing it up and being totally inappropriate and hilarious. I just hope they don't put mashed potatoes on the table because he tends to get a little sleepy when he is around those.
I love you Dad and miss you everyday.

This is my dad's anthem. I have heard this song so many times while growing up and I sing it myself all the time; it's one of my most fun memories of my dad. 

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