Monday, January 13, 2014

Fantastic Week

Talk about a busy week! I had one highlight after another and it was great. I started out going to Palazzo on Wednesday with Christopher.  Palazzo takes place in a huge tent with a 4 course meal and an amazing show. 

This week I got to snuggle a newborn, which is like my special kind of crack. Ella is a week old and snuggly, sweet and just perfect.

I built Mia her first fort ever, which kind of made her nuts because she kept climbing in and out of it and acting like a total psycho.
On Saturday, we had the Christmas Party/Beginning of New Year Party which was held at a Castle in Weinheim 

We spent Sunday at the animal park, which is one of Mia's favorite places to go. 
This time our visit was a little dangerous because Mia face-planted right in front of the park and was dirty from head to toe; then she got bit by a goat, and I laughed like crazy. 
No Award for me this month. 

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