Sunday, January 26, 2014

10 Awesome things

This month has had tons of awesome stuff

 1) Mia is hilarious and getting more and more brave. Of course, she is also getting more and more opinionated and not sleeping again, but I am going to go with awesome.

2) I went and saw this guy and it was amazing! The only downside was I really wanted a t-shirt but the ones from Mannheim were ugly so I bought a shirt from Paris.
3) After endless searches we finally found our new car and we got a good deal. This car is humongous; I feel like I'm riding a dinosaur in that thing.
4) I have finished my two weeks of clean eating and I feel really good about myself. I am even starting to lose weight, which is an awesome side effect. The downside is that I don't think I will be eating at any restaurants in the near future because even if I leave out all the foods that I can't eat, there is still so much crap that I don't know about in the food and it does not do my body good. 
5) Mia is moving to the Big Girl Bed tonight because she is almost as long as her crib and doesn't fit comfortably in there anymore.
6) I went to see Ellie Goulding (I already talked about her in another post), but I never said how she was live; she sounds just as good live as she does on cd.  It was amazing!
7) Christopher was gone for two nights and I had Mia, the night owl, in bed with me, which as you can see, meant she didn't go to sleep till eleven pm. 
The downside to this is that she is weird about sleeping and does not have a schedule at all, even though we have tried everything. Right now we have decided that napping is for losers.

8) I applied for a kur which is kind of like going to a health spa but it's paid for by my health insurance and it lasts between 3-6 weeks. I get to take my girls. I am hoping to go to the Ostsee Kurklinik Poel, but we will see.

9) After I have had a drought music-wise, I found quite a few new Albums that I like and have downloaded. 

10) Everybody is healthy and doing well, so no downside there.

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