Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Bring it on 2015

Photocred goes to Flo Niedersetz

So this is the last year in my 30s........let that sink in.
I will be 40; I can't believe it! I feel like late twenties most days and then other days when I have had little sleep and I have to shave my ladystache, I realize "No, I am not in my twenties, you twit!"

So I do have several projects for this year because, of course I do, so let me list them to keep myself accountable.

1) Get a JOB!!!! My stay at home time will be officially over in February and I will be getting a fun job to get me out of the house. My goal is to have it by Feb. 1 but we will see. If I am going to make that goal I might have to take something I am not super excited about till something great comes along, but that is okay -- I can live with that.

2) Get a tattoo. My mother is going to kill me but I am going to get one to reward myself this year -- something small and easily hidden -- but I can still show it off I want. I am still on the fence about what the tattoo will be, but knowing me, I will decide right before I get it.

3) Learn Yoga. I have been wanting to do this for so long but never got my ass in gear. I did try it at home and it was hard but I felt good. I feel so stiff lately and when I get up, I walk like Quasimoto, so I know I need to do something soonish.

4) Travel to 2 countries and I have those planned already: Italy (plane tickets bought) and New York and if all goes well Prag for a weekend. New York for my 40th Birthday is going to be the most epic and my siblings and I are already excited about it. We're planning all kinds of fun stuff.

5) Do something fun at least once a month like Holifestival, Concerts, Fleamarkets, etc. I have several things already planned so I have a head start on that.

6) Take vitamins regularly, especially for my hair. Not only is it gray, but it is really thin so I need to do something about that. I usually start vitamins and stop because I forget.

7) Do another whole 30 to reset my body and get rid of all the junk I put in it, at least for a little while so I can start eating nasty again.

8) Learn two new skills. I am not sure what yet, but it will come to me.

9) Be more aware of what is going on in the moment. That is a tough one for me because I am always so busy in my brain that I am happy when I don't forget who I am.

10) Go to every event my kids have, even if I don't want to since I know it will be really boring. I already started this year; that's why I am in the parent council in my son's class. He hates that. lol mission accomplished. 

Monday, December 29, 2014

2014 Resolutions

So, like everybody else, I of course had a few New Year's resolutions that I tried to stick to; now as I reflect back, I see that I did pretty well with those so I am excited to do it again. Let me break it down for you.

1) Craft and sew more
After 8 years, I finally hung up new curtains and hemmed them while they were hanging because I am crafty like that.
1. Pillow made from Mia's old toddler shirts. That was a real hit; she sleeps with it every night
2. Nail polish rack that I still use, even though it fell off the wall
3. Monkey blanket with a satin back; I almost killed someone while making it!
4. Nightgowns for Mia made from my t shirts
1. This was a dress made out of two shirts. It turned out pretty cute till I tried to dye it; that's when I ruined it.
2. This is still hanging in my room.
3. This chalkboard broke when it fell over, but I did learn that DIY chalkboard paint is not so great.
4. Little stuffed bunnies 
1. This wasn't supposed to look like obese starfish but it did; I painted them gold and hung the sonsabitches up anyway.
2. This pillow was cute but scratchy as hell.
3. These were the barefoot sandals that I did not wear. 
4. Valentines garland that is still hanging. . . . . 
 Moon sand was awesome!
1. These were really cute till I stood in the ocean with them and the little gold doohickeys rusted.
2. I still need to hem this bad boy so I can wear it.
3. I love this pillow.
4. I made this for my medicine when I went away to Kur.

So, I did make quite a bit and some of my crafts did not turn out like I wanted, but a fail is still a completed project so I posted it.

2) My 2nd resolution was to learn something new (like parallel parking).

Okay, so I did learn some new stuff and parking is one of them, but I also learned some cool things like:
Play the Ukulele. I just started playing a couple of months ago but I love it.
I learned how to French braid my own hair, which I am especially proud of because I have always wanted to be able to do that.

I bought a camera in the beginning of the year and just started taking a ton of pictures. I started playing with it without having it on automatic so I did learn quite a bit.

Those were my new skills for the year and I am more than satisfied.

3) Stop holding my farts in. I'm married for God's sake; I blame it on my brother.
 I still do that; I can't not do that. 

4) Travel to at least 2 countries.
I did that!!!! Woohoo

This is Germany but it is the Baltic sea so I added it.

We also took a quick trip to Garmisch this year so I definitely got out enough, but then again, it's never really enough when it comes to travel.

5) Quit talking bad about myself. 
I really worked on this and I did see a difference as far as I saw myself and how people saw me. A funny thing that happened was that people would say that I looked so good even though I hadn't changed anything except my attitude. 

 6) Try to be nicer to strangers and maybe people who know me.

 Nope I didn't really do that. I was still kind of bitchy but that is just my personality.

7) Take better care of myself

At the beginning of the year I did the whole 30 and it was really rough, but after about 5 days of headaches and being moody I started to feel better and not so stuffed all the time. I didn't start to lose weight till about 2 weeks in but I was losing inches so I was fine with that. After 4 months I had lost 8 pounds and all of my muffin top was gone and my legs were skinny like they used to be.  I started to eat normally again but still watching, not to overdo it and that lasted till the end of summer, when I was eating a lot of crap again. I am still wearing a size 5 in pants so I am not too worried but I do need to get back on the clean eating train again
8) Get a Llama
Nope did not get that, not even time sharing one, sorry.

9) Paint my living room

I did not do this which is amazing because it was so important to me to get this done. We have lived here for 8 years and have not done anything in the living room except buy new furniture. Oh well, there is always 2015.

10) Drink more wine.
Ok I did do this
This year has been pretty good to me and I am happy with my progress as far as learning new things and getting out there, but there is always room for improvement so that is what I will be doing: Improving and tweaking.

Take care,

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas is Dun-Dun-Dun-Dun

Things that were different this year......

I was intoxicated a lot these Holidays.


Blame it on the Glühwein and the Tequila.

I didn't stand in the kitchen for hours on end this year, because my mom invited us to Christmas dinner so that was nice (even if it took an hour and a half till we got our food).

Mia was so hungry she started acting weird.

While we were eating dinner, some nice man sitting behind me thought it was appropriate to rub his crotch area into my bun while he got up and squeezed his fat ass past me.
At this point I was hangry, and I would have liked to punch said man in the nether regions.

We had Ryan, my nephew, here from Prague, which was fun especially for Mia because, in him, she found someone who would play Barbie, Playdoh and even let her paint his nails.
Christopher and I didn't do gifts this year except something small, and boy did he take that literally.
I asked him what the hell it was and he said, "I knew you wouldn't get it!! It's for our future." So that is what I got, the future.

Mia was supposed to be a Snowflake in her Kindergarden play but she decided to just sit on her dad's lap and do her dance.
Christmas was really toned down this year as far as gifts go and it was still nice; the older the kids get the harder it gets to buy for them.

So that was my Christmas in a nutshell this year -- nothing out of the ordinary and nothing spectacular -- just family, food, and a whole lot of nothing.

Take care,

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Sleep is the Devil

Sleep in in charge of a whole bunch of things that are so important, and the amount we get is what determines whether we kill someone or look like an old, raggedy witch. Unfortunately, sleep is something that just doesn't come easy to me.
I especially like the fact that if you don't get enough sleep your body will get its fuel, not from sleep, but from the cookies you are shoving down your throat to stay awake.

I don't go to sleep very early -- it's usually between 12 or 1am because I have to read to go to sleep. That's the only way I can shut down my brain at night enough to drift off. Of course, if I am reading a really good book I have been known to read until 4am, which defeats the purpose entirely.

If I wake up at night after being asleep even for just 45 minutes, I still can't go back to sleep without reading or tossing around like a salad for an hour.  Of course, nature's call will screw any night's sleep and either I will take care of business or debate with myself for 15 minutes and try to talk myself out of it until I am completely awake.
When Mia wakes up and I have to go to her and lean over her bed, butt-ass naked freezing my assets off, then I am definitely awake for at least an hour. When the monster child was waking up every 3 hours, I was so messed up I would run into the wall going to her room.
I especially like the Beauty sleep concept, because if we are going to be perfectly honest, I do not wake up looking beautiful.
I have had weird sleeping issues ever since I have had kids, so I guess I am stuck with them for the rest of my life.  It could always be worse. 

Take care, 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

What I did for Money

I have tried several things in the past as far as employment goes, and I thought I would write them all down and tell you what I learned from every single one.

1) Delivering advertisements to mailboxes on my bike:

I hated that job because it was way too much work for what little I was paid. Plus, I fell over from the weight of the papers that I had on my bike. It probably didn't help that I delivered on my purple ten speed that had no functioning brakes.  I ended up setting the whole load of papers on fire and quitting.

2) Gift wrap girl

One Christmas, I had a job wrapping gifts at a perfume & make-up store, and I had to wear a white coat with heels and pantyhose. Because I am short the stupid coat went down to my ankles and I looked like an ass. It was an okay job except for the fact that I couldn't make the stupid bow that was required. Luckily, there was a big drawer with ready-made bows in it that were for emergencies.

3) Cleaning lady at the police station

Talk about dirty work! It was absolutely disgusting. Not only were the prisoners disgusting, but the men who worked there were too. I ended up stealing a big-ass plant and wheeling it home in a trash can.

4) Floral Designer Apprentice

I started an apprenticeship at a flower shop with a young woman who hated me and would torture me every chance she got, including locking me outside without a coat in the winter just to be mean. My mother suggested I quit after a year and go back to school. I never, ever let anyone treat me like that again.

5) Worker in Porn Video rental place

I saw a lot of old men who had rented so many movies that they couldn't remember what they had seen, but I always reminded them that they had seen that particular smut already. I didn't have a problem with porn back then, and I still don't, but the weird dudes who would sit on the floor and pet the video covers were disgusting; I could have done with out that.

6) Waitress in a bar

My first waitressing job was at a wanna-be preppy place that catered to spoiled, rich douche-bags and their girlfriends. I don't remember how long I worked there, but it was long enough to get my next waitressing job, where I stayed at quite a bit longer.

7) Waitress

I worked in an assisted living facility as a waitress in the dining room, which was nice and safe and definitely nothing for the future, but I did meet nice people who are now all dead.

8) Floral Designer

After I moved to the States (Canton, Ohio), I worked as a floral designer for a place called Symes & Son where I learned enough to get my dream job at Anderson's Flowers

9) Anderson's Flowers

I loved this job and the people.
10) Sales at the Music Oasis

Because I needed the money I also worked at the Music Oasis in Belden Village, which was the most boring job I have ever had. I love music, but this place was such a snooze-fest.

11) Sales at Dumont Seed

Working at a nursery is a fun job and you get to be around so many pretty plants and flowers. I learned a lot at that place, including that if you cover your plants to protect them from frost you have to uncover them before the sun comes out or they will burn. I really liked this place and the owner was a really good boss.

12)  Floral Designer

I worked as a floral designer again but this time for a guy who was the biggest crook I have ever met. He decided to give everyone a permanent work contract on Christmas Eve and then he fired everyone on New Year's of the same year, after he didn't pay any body's health insurance that he had subtracted from our pay.

13) Secretary

There was a pharmaceutical company that was based out of Montreal. The guy who hired me was a real piece of work. He is the first Canadian that I have ever met who was a total ass-hat.
He would bring his trash in from home and want me to sort it because he didn't like to recycle. He expected me to do it! He also wanted me to wear roller skates because he wanted me to be faster when he told me to do something. Needless to say, I told him to eat shit and fuck off and left. He did try to bribe me with a vacuum cleaner, but it didn't work.

14) Postal Worker

I delivered mail on my bike for about a year and a half because that is how long my contract lasted.  I really enjoyed it and my body was to die for, let me tell you, I didn't have one ounce of fat on me but I did have bruises because I would fall over with my bike all the time. I also fell over in a field one time and the mail went flying all over the place, but I did collect it all. The downside was that I had to start really early in the morning, and in the winter, I was in the cold all day. By the evening I would fall asleep sitting up at the table.

15) Warehouse Worker

I started as a stocker at the PX here in Mannheim, but after 3 months I was working as a supervisor. Aside from being sexually harassed for the two years I was there, I really enjoyed it. I made excellent money and had really nice co-workers, and when they decided to come to work we made a pretty good team. After I left there, I decided to get my degree in fashion design.

16) Barista at Starbucks

While I was in school in my second semester I wanted to make some extra money so I worked at a Starbucks in the mall. It was a real pain in the ass but still fun. learning all the drinks was fun and I still love to go to Starbucks and drink a tall, double shot sugar-free vanilla lactose-free latte.

So, those are all the jobs I have had and now I am looking for my next adventure. I guess if you look at these jobs, it looks like I jumped around a lot but this is set over 24 years. It's still a lot but whatever. I did learn quite a bit and I did feel like a jack of all trades but a master of none until I got my degree. I kind of like the fact that I have done so many different things, and I did learn to stand up for myself and to make demands. I can work in a team but I can also be the boss. Experience is always valuable, whether it is good or bad.

Take care,

What is Family?


I think when most people describe their family, they usually say something along the lines of, "My family is crazy." I know I have said that plenty of times, but that is just what you say when you don't want to go into detail.

My family isn't nuts but everyone is so different and unique that I like to compare them to a traveling side-show that everyone can relate to.

My mother is the person I never understood until I hit my late thirties and went to therapy.  Now, I get it; she did what she could and she tried even when she was so tired and fed up with her life... she still tried.

I have realized that now that I am older, and I see how different the generations are (like between my son and me).  My mom's generation, just after WWII, is worlds away from mine. I didn't have to get married so I could move out of the house and I was never poor like my mother was. I didn't have to walk past bombed out houses with my mother when I was little.
Now, my mother is in her late sixties with a smartphone, a tablet and she is dating. Hell, if I am even half as modern and hip as she is when I am her age, I will happy.

Then there is my sister, the one who makes me look smart. She is the one who has the brains and the boobs -- the sibling that wants everyone to just get the fuck along. No matter what the issue is, just hug that shit out. Of course, virtually because we live too far apart to really do it.
She is the one who saves money for a rainy day and makes sure that everything is taken care of and everybody has what they need.

She is the writer and the organizer and the saver and the kick in the ass that keeps us all talking when we act stupid.
She was the one I wanted when my dad died, because he was her dad, too and she hurt just as much as I did, if not more.
It doesn't get much better than her -- she is good people.

It's not all girls in the family; we got boys, too.
I have a brother that I can't tell you much about because we don't have much to do with each other, not because we don't like each other, but because we have never spent much time on the same continent. So it's hard to say he is a good man, though I can say that.

And then there is the oldest of us, the brother that still thinks I am a teenager with a dirty mouth.
The one who knows about my life because he reads this blog but never comments except for sending me a text with, "Loved the blog, you're funny!"
He is the one who acts like a total snob when he comes to visit you and will not stay in your house because it isn't fit for a peasant let alone his highnass but will stand at the grocery store and pay for a single mom's groceries.
He can't take a compliment without saying something stupid, and he constantly tells me that there is something wrong with me, but he loves me and thinks I am awesome, even if he would never, ever admit it.
So, that is the family, the ones who have not been in the same room at the same time in 10 years. I don't think there is a room big enough to hold all of our personalities at the same time -- we are really loud and sarcastic.

Yup, that is my traveling sideshow and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Take care,

Saturday, December 13, 2014

SAHM is Not for Everybody

When I was a child, I always dreamed of being a Stay-at-Home-Mom with 6 kids and a rich husband. I even told my mother that I would marry rich so I wouldn't have to work and could just be at home for my family.
When I started to go to school and saw how difficult it always was for me, I decided that, instead, I would become a circus clown and travel the world. I don't know why I decided that because I don't even like the circus.
In 4th grade, I decided to become a florist and that stayed with me until it was time to start working. I never was good in school, not because I was dumb, but because the sitting still and concentrating thing for me was pure torture.
I worked as a floral designer for quite a while and I loved it! I was able to be creative and flexible and I didn't have to sit still so it was a win-win for me. 
After I moved to Germany and was told that it didn't matter what I had done in the states, that I would always be considered an untrained worker who would also be treated like third class citizen, I knew that I had to go back to school.
So basically, a nightmare for me and even though I was older and more disciplined I still struggled Every single day!!!
I finished and got my degree.

I did it. I was finally going to have a career. I earned it after working mediocre jobs for years just  so I could feed my family.
Everything changed.
Mia was on the way and everything I had planned was pushed off to the side. The only difference with this baby was that I was finally able to stay home with her for the full three years and take care of my family without having to worry about money.
I had to have several serious talks with myself over the years about being grateful that I was able to have what I always thought I wanted.

The person who needs structure more then anything in her life and is used to being pushed to the limit when it comes to stress was now suddenly completely bored.
Yes, having kids is stressful but it is a different kind of stress.  It's the kind where you want to pull your hair out at the end of the day because somebody is constantly wanting something from you and then your husband asks you what the hell you did all day.

Now the 3 years are almost up and I am able to go back to work part-time so I can be home to pick up Mia at 2pm.
I was even asked if I would consider cleaning houses because it's good money and I could set my own hours.
I will be 40 next September and I am back to where I was when I was 20 and was living alone in an 1 bedroom apartment.
I am grateful for my kids and I am more than grateful that they are healthy and I know that there are so many people who would sell their mother for the life I have, but Jesus Christ, I need a goddamned job before I completely lose my mind!
I am applying as we speak and not as a cleaning lady so don't even go there. I plan on keeping you updated on what kind of job an almost 40 year old with three children and tons of work experience can get but it might get dark here before it gets light again.

Take care,

Friday, December 12, 2014

Favorites that are on Repeat

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas traditions

When I was a kid, my dad always decorated the tree, including losing his shit about putting the lights up. I don't know how he did it, but he always managed to pull them out of the box looking like he just wadded them up and threw them in there. He would throw the biggest fit, but our tree was always the prettiest when he was done. I remember my mom always wanting white lights on the tree but my dad always insisted on having colored lights, and I agreed because I agreed with everything he said back then. It was also full of different kinds of ornaments and had their own special bulb, and of course, there was tinsel all over the tree. Back then we didn't care that it clogged up the vacuum or got stuck everywhere.
My dad also took it upon himself to wrap all the presents. He would lock himself in the bedroom and I could hear him in there just getting all kinds of mad but he would come out with the most beautifully wrapped presents you had ever seen. I guess all the cursing was working for him. When I got older and I was allowed to cut off pieces of tape and pass them to him, I felt very special and learned a lot of new cursewords.
When I was in my twenties, I always made sure to have a Christmas tree even when I lived alone in a cockroach infested, one-bedroom apartment -- just me and my roaches.  If you have ever lived in an apartment that has roaches, you know you can't get rid of them. If you bomb the apartment, they just go next door and wait till you are finished.  Now that I think about it, I didn't even own a T.V but I had a Christmas tree. 
When I had my first baby I made sure to buy all the little ornaments that said baby's first year on them.  I made sure that Joshua had a pretty Christmas tree because you need your traditions, especially if you are far from home.
Moving back to Germany in 2000, I let my American kitsch hang out and I decorated the living daylights out of my house and tree -- I am talking all-out glitter, fake snow and lights everywhere.
I have toned down now, though just because it is a tremendous amount of work, getting everything to look christmasy and still be able to function. Through the years, I have always had fun decorating the tree and now that the kids are big, they are helping me and I am letting them do more and more.
Buying special ornaments every year is my favorite tradition for the tree and once the kids move out and have their own tree they will have memories of Christmas at home. thank goodness without the roaches.
Christmas makes me sappy and mushy, can you tell? Gah...the feelings. 

Take care, 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

WTF are Sins?


Okay, so I don't know what I am supposed to do about this one because I lust a lot of things and not all are inanimate objects. 
I read a shit-load of smut books and fan fiction and you know I don't just read it for the plot. So, does this mean I am sinning every time I want what the chick in the book has? The rugged pirate with the Wand of Love that is the size of a family-sized salami  is a bad thing? Or, what about when I see a perfect pair of shoes that I know would only look amazing on me and nobody else and I can't stop lusting after them? Am I going to hell? Well, alright but let me take the shoes and the hunky dude in my book with me.


A couple of months ago I went to a doctor who was trying to figure out where all my stomach issues were coming from and he mentioned, from looking at my teeth and my throat, that I don't chew my food enough. Apparently, I literally just shove it in and swallow it. thats what he said So, I think that says it all. I will shove a whole turkey in my mouth and keep it there like a boa till it goes down.

I was eating dark chocolate ice cream; need I say more?


I am not greedy at all unless it comes to food, them I am a total bitch. I think that is why I cook so much; I am afraid somebody will still be hungry when they get up from the table and that would be horrible for me, so I cook for a family of 8. 


Really? I am a sloth as much as I can be; who wouldn't want to be a sloth?  Have you seen them? 

Now, this is a hard thing to describe because, while I have never hurt someone, I have kicked the shit out of a lot of inanimate objects and broken a humongous amount of stuff over the years, including my umbrella just this weekend. I go all ninja sometimes, when things overwhelm me, and I can get really creative when it comes to ways to mangle something and sometimes other drivers while I am in traffic, but I don't follow through.   


I don't really have an issue, because I don't feel envious that much. If I do, it is over pretty quick. I think the only thing that makes me envious is when I see someone who has achieved something at a young age. I decided on a family and I will achieve my goals and some dreams, but I will have a later start and that's okay.


I don't think pride is a bad thing as long as it's pride in something you have accomplished and not in thinking you are better than anyone else. 
I consider myself a proud person, and I tell my kids how proud I am of them and I want them to know that accomplishments should make them proud, whether it is that they are good to others or studied hard for a test and aced it. Own it and feel good about it.

So I am sure that when you go buy the book, I probably interpreted these all wrong but I can live with that.

Monday, December 8, 2014

What Woman do to make themselves look good

Some of the things that woman do to look good is just plain crazy.


If  you decide that putting on eyelashes is a good idea, then just leave them on no matter how they look because, if you don't, you will have sticky eyes all night and be really agitated and want to rub them.  My friend thought I was tired since I kept closing my eyes, but it was really that they were stuck.  


If you are going to wear Spanx so you feel skinny when you go out, then make sure that they don't squash your innards together so bad that you are afraid to eat and you feel diarrhea coming on all night.
If you then decide to take off the Spanx/torture device, be aware that you will not be able to take it off without a whole lot of grunting and panting and people outside of the bathroom will hear you, since that stupid thing has managed to roll itself together and get stuck underneath your armpits.
I did feel more put together with them on and I didn't have to sit up too straight with them on, but I was so damned miserable -- it's just not worth it.  Besides my friends said I was a bitch when I had them on. 


If it is cold outside and if you usually tend to have cold feet, then by all means wear peep toe high heels and have cold feet all night. What is even better is when you wear peep toe booties with socks -- that's really attractive. I'm kidding; that's how I dress my 2 year old. 


When I was a teenager, my mother used to always tell me that I was going to get a kidney infection, especially in the winter, because I was forever running around half naked.  Now I finally understand and would wear angora tank-tops under lingerie if I could.  I guess some things you don't learn till you get older.

Why do we do these things to ourselves?  I know that the next time I even think about wearing Spanx, I will just have to make sure that I won't be sitting down or eating while I have them on.
I could just suck in my gut all day but that is so much work and I don't feel like it.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Sometimes I have so much going on but nothing really important and worth mentioning; it just adds up to the point where I need to get rid of it so I don't explode.  So, please do not try to make sense of what I am saying here.

I just watched the Katy Perry Documentary "Part of Me" and I really liked it. I love her music and her lyrics but I have never seen a live show, so this was a real treat. I really enjoy music documentaries and I thought this one was definitely worth watching.  It made me cry a little and also hate Russel Brand a little.

I went to a parent teacher conference and when I went to tell the secretary who I was there to see, I told her a name of the teacher that did not exist at that school and I also told her my son was in 7th grade (he's in 9th). That is how messed up I am right now, but luckily I have not left the house with my underwear on backwards in a while, so I guess that is progress.

This morning I didn't have time to eat breakfast so when I got home I was so hungry I ate chips. Because I am classy and the chips were only crumbs in the bottom of the bag, I ate them with a teaspoon. And yes, they were the rest of the DAMNED DORITOS!!!!!!!!

I baked Christmas cookies this weekend and then proceeded to eat them all week. Then I got depressed when I saw the pictures of the cookie baking event because I have a back like a line backer. I really love striped shirts and I look like shit when I wear them and I still don't stop wearing the fuckers. What is wrong with me?

I did bake with the girls, and they had a lot of fun and did really well.
I love Enya's face in this picture. It just sums up the sister relationship that these two have; they love each other but sometimes they just fart on each other, too.
After baking, Mia was like a crack head. She ate so much sugar, sprinkles and powdered sugar she was totally wigging out, but of course, that didn't stop me from letting her lick the counter after she dropped sugar on it.

I put up my tree and I am really happy that it is done, but I do think that I need some new christmas music, because the Celine Dion crap that is playing in the background made me want to strangle Santa.
I decided to cook paleo again this week and then put cream in everything because it tasted better. So there went the eating healthy; then again, I did kind of ruin it with all the damn cookies. Oh well, I can't be perfect. 

Friday, November 28, 2014

Things that Overwhelm Me

I think one of the hardest things with ADHD is the number of things that overwhelm me, and 99% of them are dumb as hell.

1) Coming home from the Grocery store hungry and having to put the food away first: I usually just shove food everywhere while I am stuffing lunch meat, cheese and a pickle in my mouth at the same time.  I can't wait that long.

2) Realizing that because I never get Doritos I just ate a 1lb of them by myself over the course of 5 days:  If I ever ask anyone for Doritos again, for the love of all that is HOLY, DO NOT GIVE THEM TO ME!!!!!!!
3) Buying ingredients for my Christmas cookies and finding out that this year there are no Hazelnuts because the crops were close to bare: AAAHHH!!!! Now I have to revise my damn recipes.  It's like the debacle last year when I had to grind the nuts myself.  That's it -- I am going to start stockpiling yams and chili in the can because the end is near.

4) Putting up my tree........as much as I love it, it's so much work I can't even......

5) Putting away paperwork:  I hate having to go through my bills and putting everything where it belongs. I would rather just leave it there until it isn't relevant anymore and then burn it. I did that once while I was a teenager when I had a paper route.  I eventually just got so freaked out I dumped everything in a field and burned it.  (Of course, I pay the damned bills but the paper that is left over or the notices of stuff I really don't care about but probably should drives me nuts!)

6) After I wash the clothes and fold them I like to leave them in the basket in the basement because putting them away is too much work. Besides, Enya will just mix her dirty clothes with the clean clothes anyway. Digging through the laundry basket to look for my underwear is so much more fun.

7) Trying to figure out what to cook and then buying the stuff: I hate it and if I go to the store without a list I will just buy canned tomatoes and a crate of tangerines.  I am the worst.

8) Getting lost while driving and having to turn down the radio so I can see better:  my son likes to use this opportunity to ask me shit like, "Where do hookers come from?" and "Can I spend the night at my girlfriend's house?" So now, I am not only lost but I am freaking out, too.

9) When I am watching a TV show and I get behind on an episode: I can't just watch two, so I wait and binge-watch 5 episodes. I don't know why, but it overwhelms me to be behind.

10) Being in a crowd: I can't handle it. I think that is also the reason I will never fulfill my dream of being in a flash mob. I would probably just start punching people for getting too close to me and, God forbid, someone should touch me.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


We took a short little trip this weekend, and it was great to get out of the house and to see something else for a bit. Mia is turning into a great traveler so we didn't even want to rip our hair out towards the end of the trip.
When we drove into Garmisch, I realized that it was a tourist town with one hotel after another, like little soldiers in a row. I really really do not like that at all, but because it was only for two nights, I just let it go. The rooms were cute and the breakfast was good.
We ended up paying 180euros for 2 nights for 4 people with breakfast, so it wasn't bad and definitely worth it.

We got in late Friday night. We ate at this place that was holding a convention of hunters. In Germany, that doesn't mean Camo and Beer; it means a bunch of dudes in leather shorts and little fuzzy hats playing the music of the Alps.
 The next morning we had breakfast and then the girls jumped on the trampoline for a while.


Saturday, we went for coffee at this really great place called Mohr resorts, where the view is absolutely breathtaking. 



I really want to stay a whole weekend here. . . this place is awesome.!
Later on that night, we went to dinner with Bre and Fili, which is why we wanted to go to Garmisch in the first place. 

 No, I don't know what is wrong with my hand -- it has a mind of it's own, I guess. 

One of the things we went to see was this Olympic Ski jump, that looks like an alien landing strip to me. It blows my mind that anyone in their right mind would jump off this thing. I kept saying it looks like, if you jumped off of it you would fly so long until you ended up in someones yard; apparently, those strips are where you land, so what do I know? 
We decided to walk to the the Partnachklamm. But, we never got that far because it was too cold and we got hungry, so we ended up in this tiny little place that led to the 'pastry incident.' 
 This is Fili with his cappuccino chamber pot.

This is a little dessert that Bre ordered and that ended up being mangled by everyone at the table. Mia licked the chocolate syrup off of it and Fili stuck his French fries in it. It was filled with Neapolitan ice cream and whip cream. I actually heard people gasp at the other table when the lady set it in front of us. 
We left shortly after that and slowly made our way towards Munich to visit a friend we hadn't seen in several years. After having coffee and tortellini, we headed home in the car.
All in all, a great time with family and friends.