Sunday, December 8, 2013

Week Recap

I realized that I didn't write about coming home from my trip, probably because I was sad to go and was not looking forward to the long trip home but as usual I survived. I say that like it's a bad thing 

I had a lot of fun on my trip and we really did a lot in those seven days, which took my mind off missing the kids; I was glad to come home even though after two days of being home I felt like I never left.
Cleaning, cooking, laundry and appointments have a way of bringing you right back to real life and reminding you that your vacation is over.  Everything ran smoothly at home. The only thing the kids told me was that they were bored while I was gone, so I guess the entertainment is my job. (or making fun of me keeps them happy).
This Friday was Nikolaus and the first time that Mia could put her boot outside to see if St. Nick would bring her something.  This meant I had to go through the garage, fill all the boots, knock on the door, and hide, while at the same time taking pictures.
She didn't seem too impressed and at first she didn't want to walk outside because it was cold, but eventually she did, and ended up eating too much candy and staying awake till eleven at night.
Today we went to the park and fed the animals, which was nice because even though it was overcast and chilly, it didn't rain and it felt good to be in the fresh air. 
I have been thinking about different things to write about and maybe having a weekly plan, but I won't be starting that till the New Year, because in order to the do that, I will have to give up something else which I am having a hard time doing.

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