Thursday, December 19, 2013

Even better than the real thing

This explains me perfectly and of course I am misunderstood a lot of times whenever I feel the need to document everything we do.
99% of the time I am behind the camera taking pictures or videos of vacation,Birthdays,Christmas or even just going to the park. I sit there for hours afterwards editing and making videos that only last a couple of minutes at most and of course it is not something that is necessary but it is important to me.
I catch myself a lot of times closing my eyes and telling myself to remember what I feel like just at that moment, to remember how I feel so I can bring it back later when I am sad or need a reminder of how fast time flies. Unfortunately it doesn't always work that way so I am grateful that I took the time to take a picture of the kids especially when it is so easy with Instagram and Cellphones nowadays to document everything. Of course there is a downside to always taking all the pictures which is I am rarely in any of them but that is something that I am working on.  Maybe this Christmas will be different.

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